Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Moving Into A New Field Can Be Intimidating – Where Should You Start?

Reskilling and entering a new career discipline is not an uncommon experience. Many people do it, especially over the course of a lifetime. In fact, it’s less common to just stick in one field you entire life, but if you do achieve this, that’s also something to celebrate.

However, no matter how many times you switch from industry to industry, expertise to expertise, it can still disorienting to adopt a brand new set of norms pushing you in a singular new direction. Even those who adapt well under pressure can find it tough to achieve.

So – where should you begin to get your bearings, and to feel more at ease with your situation? Even if you have transferable skills, a little advice won’t go amiss, nor would a little encouragement. In this post, we hope to provide both, hopefully enabling your professional candor to hit the ground running, and for you to apply the best of yourself:

Attend Conferences and Industry Events

Becoming involved with the culture of your chosen industry can be enjoyable – attending seminars and webinars about your chosen field, heading to conferences, or volunteering for extra training where appropriate can be very helpful, and give you more context to understand your field. Over time, you’ll begin to understand the jargon, know the main players in your local area, and as such, feel part of the furniture. This might take a little while, but you’ll have built a consistent foundation worth working on.

Seek Mentorship Or Coaching From Industry Experts

Mentorship is a highly underrated methods of learning from knowledge, wisdom and experience. It might be that you have the chance to be managed by an accredited individual in the field, or you can at least listen to people higher up than you. A kind email that talks about how happy you are to be part of the team, and if you can pick the brain of a manager over a coffee will show how proactive you are, and can help you settle any beginning questions you have. If you show initiative, sometimes a qualified individual like Zarif Haque will be happy to take you under their wing.

Create A Plan & Set Goals For Your Career Transition

Like any transition in life, it’s good to determine what you hope to get out of it, so you can direct the change as opposed to being moved by it. Creating a plan and setting goals for that career transition can make a profound difference, especially as it relates to where you hope to be in that position, or what you hope to achieve. For instance, if you’re moving from digital marketing to videography, you might decide on how you can bring that experience to filmmaking, advertisement, pitching to companies, and streamlining campaigns you’re working on. When you have a clear direction and outcomes you wish to achieve, you’re so much more likely to achieve them.

With this advice, you’re sure to move into the new field with ease, even if you once felt intimidated by the process.


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