7 Ways To Improve Apartment Building Security

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Apartments are typically more secure than houses, however there is still a threat of intruders. Below are a few security improvements that can be made to apartment buildings to keep out unwanted visitors

Video intercoms

Intercoms are one of the most popular ways to control access to visitors. Traditional intercom systems require visitors to speak into a microphone to confirm their identity. However, this can be improved by installing video intercoms, which provide the occupant with video footage of the apartment block entrance so that they can confirm the identity of the visitor before letting them in. This can prevent a visitor from pretending they are someone they are not.

Security cameras

General security cameras around the apartment block can help occupants to feel more secure by catching any criminal activity on camera. If an intruder tries to break into someone’s door or people are using drugs in a stairwell, evidence of this can be recorded to be given to the police. In most cases, setting up security cameras can be a deterrent in itself. 

Electronic parcel lockers

Many apartment blocks have parcel lockers on the ground floor, which allows mail to be deposited without delivery workers having to climb multiple flights of stairs. Traditional parcel lockers are typically accessed with a key, and some have been known to not be particularly secure. Upgrading to electronic parcel lockers can make it harder for parcels to be stolen by making them more difficult to break into. 

Exterior and interior lighting

Burglars prefer to break into properties in the dark, as there is less chance of being spotted by an onlooker. Installing lighting around the exterior and interior of an apartment block can make it harder for a criminal to commit a burglary undetected. Motion sensing lighting is one of the best options as it does not waste energy by being permanently on. 

Security guards

Some apartment blocks are manned by security guards in order to restrict access to visitors. Because of the cost of hiring a security guard, such a privilege is typically only available in private luxury apartments. In some cases, security guards may man a desk, and may also be able to sign for deliveries and authorise maintenance.

Window locks

While a burglar is unlikely to climb up to a fifth storey window and break into an apartment, apartment windows nearer the ground floor may still be a risk. Make sure that these windows have interior locks fitted. Being able to lock windows can make them more difficult for burglars to prise open. 

Secure parking

Some apartment blocks have private parking lots for occupants, however these are not always secured. In fact, many apartment parking lots can be accessed by anyone and are poorly lit and unmonitored. Gated parking that is accessed with a code or fob key can prevent non-residents from parking here. Security cameras and lighting can meanwhile prevent vandalism or theft. This is likely to put many residents that own vehicles at ease. 

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