Three Ways Corporate Leaders Can Step Up Climate Action 

by Adrian Thomas, Canada Country President, Schneider Electric We recognize the global signals of climate change: rising sea levels, extreme temperatures, wildfires and floods. With these impacts becoming more persistent, when will we collectively accept the current state of climate change is a crisis that we must resolve now?  Canada has pledged commitments to cut greenhouse gas […]

Lessons learned in growing a business to more than $20 million in the blink of an eye

By: Garrett Mehrguth Scaling a business. The word “scale” can mean different things to different people. What scaling really means is taking your business to the next level by, well, really getting your stuff together before you can climb the next rung of the success ladder. Entrepreneurs love to talk about how they’re going to […]

What does digital transformation mean in 2022?

By Garry Hamilton, Chief Growth Officer and Founder, Equator Amid global economic gloom, the manufacturing sector remains a beacon of hope that a second “Roaring Twenties” decade of industrial investment and unrestrained productivity might still happen. Central to this positive outlook is the promise of the vast sums that are set to be spent on intelligent manufacturing. According to ABI Research, a global […]

5 ways to prepare for the next internet outage

By Jason Falovo When a network goes down, we realize how much we rely on connectivity to conduct business. The most recent nationwideoutage prompted many retailers to only accept cash, with ATMs and credit card transactions widely unavailable. Even emergency services were impacted. The outage highlighted the need for failover strategies that ensure network data can be rerouted on a secondary or back up network if the primary network link fails.  […]

How employers can attract and retain their people in times of economic uncertainty

By Marc LeCuyer, Vice President, Americas Technology Workflows GTM, ServiceNow Canada From the incredibly hot labour market that was on fire for the first half of the year to an economy that is now seeing inflation climb to the highest point we’ve seen in decades, we’re experiencing a perfect storm of societal and economic change in […]

From Side Hustle to Launching a Successful Business: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Career in Copywriting 

Whether you’re brand new to copywriting or you’ve been creating copy as a side-hustle, making it your full-time career is a different game.  The reality is: there’s a whole lot of competition. And understandably so.  Copywriting is – in my humble opinion – the best career out there.  So it’s only natural that so many […]

Political Ads: How Campaigns Should Access Voters in 2022

By David Finkelstein, CEO of BDEX In election years, advertisers face challenges in effectively accessing and targeting voter audiences with political campaigns. As audiences change both geographic locations and their stances on issues between election years, political advertisers must understand these shifts in dynamics and ultimately drive their audiences to the polls. Political campaigns will […]

The Babb Group Launches New Instructional Design Portal

Today The Babb Group (TBG) launched a new portal focused on its instructional design and curriculum development services for colleges, universities and corporate learning and development departments. The site can be found at The educational consultancy’s move comes in response to greater student demand for 100% online courses, micro credentials and entire programs. Many […]

Signing on for SaaS: What do you need to know?

By Bassam Hemdan, Regional Vice President, Americas, at Metallic. For many organizations, the pandemic forced a change in how data and applications needed to be managed. But even before that time, businesses were taking advantage of a new business model that has gained enormous popularity in recent years. Software as a Service (SaaS) allows companies to move their data environment and […]

CannaBNN Headlines for Tuesday, 21 June 2022: Trulieve Trading Halted, Updates to Merger of Hoist and the Hempshire Group

By Candace Hawkins If you think seeing the global cannabis industry explode has been quite a ride, wait for the global psychedelics industry tom complete its emergence. We’re already seeing mergers and acquisitions buzz by at a dizzying speed. To help you keep up with the flow, here are the hottest headlines from the cannabis […]