The evolving role of security teams in UX innovation

By Gregg Ostrowski, Executive CTO, Cisco AppDynamics Today, in order to generate value for businesses and their customers, applications must be increasingly robust to ensure a satisfying user experience and minimize bad interfaces that generate mistrust or question the way their data is handled. In this age of immediacy, users are eliminating deficient applications from […]

Forget ‘know your customer’ – it’s time for marketers to embrace a new, real-time approach

by Debjani Deb, CEO of ZineOne For years, ‘know your customer’ has been an essential element for marketers everywhere. But as new eCommerce and social media channels have emerged, marketers have plowed time and investment into gathering as much consumer data as possible – through web history, third-party cookies, and more. All with the aim of […]

5 Obstacles to Effective Data Sharing

By Dr. Tim Wagner, Co-founder and CEO, Vendia Most companies today are understandably focused on what happens within their four walls. But if you depend on partners in order to run your business (think shipping, manufacturing, finance processes, etc.), then it’s also vital to think about that portion of your critical business data that’s created outside of your company. Because so […]

Empower Customer Success Teams with Scalable, Data-triggered Proactive Communication

By Ella Dillon Customer success platforms revolutionized companies’ abilities to understand their customers. These systems make it possible to identify problems, opportunities, and challenges, giving Customer Success teams an unprecedented view of all the interactions taking place across all the touchpoints. There’s only one problem. The number of conversations a Customer Success Manager (CSM) needs to have to […]

The State of B2B Marketing Budgets: Higher Expectations, New Strategies and Optimism

  By Colby Cavanaugh, SVP of Marketing, Integrate  It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing color, the weather is cooling down, and pumpkin spice inexplicably makes its way into everything from lattes to dog treats. And for many B2B marketers, these signs of fall also mean budget season. It’s a time when […]

Breaking down silos: Combine legacy and modern data sets for successful data transformation

By Steven Karan, Vice President of Insights & Data, Capgemini Canada Data is the key to unlocking business insights, and organizations looking to remain competitive in the market must master the art of data strategy. Despite this need, most modern enterprises struggle with where to start – and how to make data transformation a financially […]

How Startup Accelerators Can Fast-Track Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Source:  Coming up with a brilliant business concept that has the potential to disrupt the market is only the first step in your entrepreneurship journey. You have a long way to go before you can convert this idea into a commercial, profitable enterprise. Typically, the process of entering the startup ecosystem is not only […]

AI and CBD: How Machine Learning Can Help MMJ Card Services

Artificial intelligence is growing increasingly sophisticated. From its origins in science fiction, AI can now be found everywhere today, from self-driving cars to smartphones and apps. The technology has also trickled down to SMEs, with different industries making use of machine learning in sales, marketing and business process optimization. The medical marijuana card industry also […]

Three Ways Corporate Leaders Can Step Up Climate Action 

by Adrian Thomas, Canada Country President, Schneider Electric We recognize the global signals of climate change: rising sea levels, extreme temperatures, wildfires and floods. With these impacts becoming more persistent, when will we collectively accept the current state of climate change is a crisis that we must resolve now?  Canada has pledged commitments to cut greenhouse gas […]