How Important Mobility Services Are For Business’ And How To Implement Them

  Traditionally, a business operates from one central physical location where all data and processes are in access. However, in recent times, businesses have embraced the new trend of mobility. Business mobility allows workers to operate from anywhere with access to information and infrastructure that would enable employees to work remotely. Using software and applications […]

How SaaS marketers can convert prospects and boost service championing

By David Cooper, Marketing Manager, Fountain Partnership As the rate of business digital transformation shifts into a higher gear, courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemic, tighter budgets inevitably means ‘doing more with less’, so any investment into new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings needs careful thought. Fountain Partnership’s Marketing Manager David Cooper explains the right way for SaaS […]

Report: Global ad fraud report highlights key predictions for industry in the wake of COVID-19

A new report has analyzed the extent of the effect of different ad fraud techniques across 22 separate countries.  The Opticks 2020 Annual Ad Fraud Report, which draws on data taken from over 466 billion site visits in over 200 global territories, revealed that while bad bots represent the most dangerous threat across all regions, […]

B2B News for Thursday, May 20, 2021: Brothers Join Forces at VIBRANT, Another Salesforce Consulting Firm Acquisition, Content & Wireless Network Partnerships of Questionable Value

Today we’re getting back to this column’s roots. Appointments, mergers, acquisitions and no other noise. While we focus on roots, others are concentrating on family trees. Toronto-based VIBRANT Marketing has appointed Charles Brouillet to the office of Vice President. His brother Eric remains in the position of company president. “We’re happy to have Charles join […]

Social Responsibility & Brand Purpose: In Conversation with Scott Goodson

Authenticity is not a buzzword. Clients, customers and colleagues know the difference between performative displays and conscience-led action. “Customers remember the chain stores that displayed Black Lives Matter stickers in their windows during the protests, but don’t have any Black executives on their leadership teams,” says Scott Goodson, the founder and CEO of StrawberryFrog. The […]

B2B News for Wednesday, April 14, 2021: Bread and Butter Marketing Conversions Toasted by Negativity, Badly Chosen Influencers & Pineapple Juice

Whether its headlines or recipes, never let good taste stand in the way of a great lede. With the death of grocer Galen Weston and the price of bread on every Canadian consumer’s mind this morning, the B2B marketing world turns to toast. When it comes to conversion rates, marketers have a propensity to burn […]

Toward a Better Social Media Experience: In Conversation with Jerry Chien, Gravvity CEO

Have you ever missed big news in your social feeds? A birth announcement, an engagements, maybe your niece’s first soccer goal or your nephew’s first basketball game? Depending on how the social media algorithms, the post may never have shown up in your feed, if you didn’t accidentally scroll past it while skipping another ad […]

3 Unorthodox methods companies are using to get users’ attention in 2021

  What’s the most coveted resource in the world of business today? Attention’s the answer if you’re still wondering.  An average consumer today is bombarded with information from the left, right, and center almost to the point that it seems like a sensory overload. The pandemic certainly hasn’t helped things either. Increasing stress and anxiety […]

Digital 360: Amazon Business surpasses $25B in annualized sales

  E-commerce B2B juggernaut Amazon Business has surpassed $25B in worldwide annualized gross merchandise sales, approximately half of which are from third-party sellers. The B2B portion of Amazon is on track to rival its B2C component in terms of sales, providing significant opportunities for third-party B2C retailers. While it took seven years for Amazon’s consumer […]