Arthur W. Page Society CCOs Commtech

CCO group Page studies the evolution of ‘commtech’ and the quest to shape corporate culture

After undertaking the deepest and most global research into the perspectives and actions of the world’s leading chief communications officers, an association known as Page is preparing to build upon its findings with a microsite, case studies and courses to learn how to act on them. Originally known as the Arthur W. Page Society, New […]

employee communications marketing

How marketing can help give employee communications programs an overhaul

A lot of my work, lately, has focused on helping to rescue sucky internal employee communications programs. The general reasons for the almost perpetual suckiness of internal communications is the abject neglect of most of the programs. This can take the form of budgetary neglect: just because you hired someone to manage it, doesn’t mean […]

B2B Solution of the Week: Rethinking use cases for marketing automation

Since the marketing automation category of B2B applications came of age in the early 2000s, emphasis has remained on its demand generation function for many companies. However, use cases have emerged that take the solution into new spheres, according to research by Act-On Software, a provider of marketing automation to fast-growing businesses and corporate divisions. […]