Growth Marketing Conference: How to make Facebook advertising worth the ROI, for only a few dollars a day

You may have read about the man who used Uber, nearly got killed and still was charged $178.93. That man, Dennis Yu, chief technology officer at BlitzMetrics, presented at the recent Growth Marketing Conference in San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki on how he targeted Uber on Facebook to get a refund and how his initiative can […]

Growth Marketing Conference: How Silicon Valley gurus and CMOs hack growth

Everyone in the B2B world has heard about proverbial Silicon Valley garage startups that grew into the likes of Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard and many other household names. But exactly how did those firm founders and first chief marketers do it? At the  Growth Marketing Conference in San Francisco, several successful entrepreneurs revealed the secrets of their […]

Growth Marketing Conference: ‘You have to do bigger, better things to hit revenue goals’

The term “growth marketing” or in some quarters “growth hacking” may not have a universally agreed upon definition, but its adherents adamantly believe that it works. On December 3, at the Growth Marketing Conference, in San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki, the day’s opening panel session, “The Future of Growth Marketing: Tools, Strategies and Tactics” brought together […]

Growth Marketing Conference: How to use content marketing to get new customers

At this week’s Growth Marketing Conference, December 3, in San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki, quote-to-cash solution vendor Apttus offered key insights into marketing innovations as Maria Pergolino, the company’s global vice president of marketing, discussed how one of Silicon Valley’s latest billion-dollar unicorns has used content marketing to acquire new customers and “explode revenue,” as the organizers described the […]