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7 search optimization trends you’ll see in 2015

This year, the search engine optimization landscape continued to evolve as we saw the release of Google Panda 4.0 algorithm, an increase in mobile marketing campaigns and increasing buzz over the efficacy of content marketing. Essentially, 2014 was an important year in the world of search optimization. What does next year have in store for this field?

Here are seven trends to look out for in search optimization in 2015:

Content remains supreme

Over the last few years, the phrase “content is king” has consistently been repeated by webmasters, digital marketers and SEO experts. Next year, that adage will be antiquated because content will rule over the domain of online marketing. As we roll into 2015, content will be an important element to search optimization that can be easily discovered on SERPs.

Going mobile

Digital marketers will have to understand the ever-increasing usage of mobile marketing. This year was a landmark time for the advertising industry because mobile Internet surpassed that of desktop Internet for the very first time, suggesting a consumer shift in their web search habits. Moving forward, not only will mobile search be imperative to a company’s success, but also being optimized for superior consumers’ mobile experiences.

Personalized content and results

Higher conversion rates will be allocated to the brands that are better able to deliver personalized content, platform and results. With search engines incorporating advanced technology systems, consumers will notice a greater transition to a customized format catered to their location, demographic and consumer habits based on previous interactions.

Time to focus on Google+

Since the implementation of Google+, many people rushed to the shiny new social network, but since then we have see how many have been hesitant in updating their profiles, though Google has given preference to those who remain engaged on its social media outlet. Next year, becoming active on Google+ should be added to a company’s New Year’s resolution as they could generate a much larger depiction on SERPs.

Let’s get social

In the past year, search engine leaders believed that there will be a heightened focus on a brand’s social media presence. This declaration will likely transition into 2015, and thus require companies and content creators to regularly participate in social engagement and integration through all of the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.

Conversation takes down keywords

Last year, Google made a big change to search optimization: instead of focusing on keywords it honed in on conversational phrases. After years of SEO keywords, search engines have finally changed this form of search into a more conversational approach. This means anchor text-linking must be more organic than robotic. Also, this should also translate into content that is sharable and entertaining instead of being designed purely for search engines.

Brand shout outs

Inbound links will still be an important element to the search optimization sphere moving into 2015. However, the way search engines view inbound links will be entirely different heading into the New Year. Previously, marketing campaigns would consist of intense link campaigns to attempt to garner as many links as possible. Now, search engines will look at “implied links” or “brand mentions,” which means how many times brands are cited or referenced on a webpage.

If you’re still waiting for the demise of SEO then you’ll be waiting as long as a BlackBerry user pining for Instagram. Search optimization is evolving and becoming more advanced. Adapt or perish could be the mantra for companies embarking upon a search optimization initiative next year and beyond.

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