8 things to know about LinkedIn’s new homepage redesign

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LinkedIn quietly rolled out a new homepage for its users, with the goal of encouraging users to connect to each other more frequently.

Below are the 8 changes and additions you need to know about the LinkedIn redesign:

1. While it was unveiled on Thursday and began rolling out to a select group of users, the redesign will be available to all users sometime in early 2015

2. The homepage will feature a tile-like layout, where each section operates as  its own widget.

3.  A dashboard at the top of the screen records profile view and who checked out your profile.

4. The  updates for contacts on the upper right corner will  include how LinkedIn will suggest new users to you, formatting them in an animated carousel

5. The text box for writing an update has also been moved up to make it easier to find

6. The news feed includes posts from other sites via Pulse, as well as content shared by your network of contacts and influencers that you follow.

7.  The “ways to keep in touch” section uses the same technology from LinkedIn’s Connected app. Once you’ve seen an update on the app, you won’t see it on the Web (and vice versa), as ReCode writes.

8. The new homepage is “setting the stage for where we’re going to go, a more anticipatory homepage experience that helps members connect with what matters to them most professionally on LinkedIn,” a LinkedIn spokesperson told TechCrunch. “That means even more context-aware functionality so that our members — who each come to LinkedIn for reasons unique and specific to them — are able to get what they need from us quickly and easily to meet their professional goals.”

LinkedIn attracts 198 million monthly unique visitors globally, with users spending on average 4.6 minutes per visit.

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