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Watch these 4 newcomers to the Super Bowl advertising lineup

On February 1 Super Bowl XLIX will be overwhelming TV screens across North America. The sports event is a big deal to football fans, but it also brings something else that is arguably even more exciting: Super Bowl commercials.

It costs $4.5 million just for 30 seconds of air time during this year’s event. We’ll see ads from a number of regulars such as GoDaddy and Anheuser-Busch, but we’ll also see ads from a few newcomers to the Super Bowl ad space.

Thanks to Adweek, details have been leaked. Here is a roundup of what companies will be airing their first Super Bowl commercial this year.


Mars Inc. is no stranger to the Super Bowl, but this will be the first year that it will run an ad for Skittles. The ad, created by DDB Chicago, focuses on a wild tailgate party featuring former St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner. There is also a hot tub full of Skittles….of course.

Catch the teaser on YouTube:



The Tel Aviv-based Web development company will make its Super Bowl debut with a 30-second spot featuring a line-up of five well-known NFL star players: Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen and Franco Harris. Wix hired Committee LA to create the ad, and to generate buzz before the big game, they are creating Web pages for each of the five NFL’ers ‘businesses’ and video shorts for each.

You can catch the Terrell Owens clip on You Tube right now:


Loctite is an adhesive, so you might be wondering how they are going to make a Super Bowl-worthy commercial. The execs at Loctite knew they had a challenge ahead of them for their debut ad. Perhaps that’s why they’ve been planning this for 18 months, hired Minneapolis-based Fallon to do the creative, and sunk most of its annual ad budget into it. Loctite is mum on the details, but you can find out more by following the hashtag #winatglue.

For a sample of the revamped approach they took in 2014 to make glue seem cool, check out this commercial released in May.


Carnival Corp enlisted the services of BBDO to produce its first Super Bowl ad. The creative agency filmed not one but four ads with the help of Oscar-winner Wally Pfister. Carnival is turning to its customers to choose their favorite to determine which one they should run during the big game. You can check out the four clips on Carnival’s website. Which do you think is best?


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