Infographic: How often should you post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+?

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It’s a question that often plagues professionals and brand marketers alike: How frequently should content be posted on the major social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+? We don’t want to get excessive with our posts, but we also don’t want to seem laissez-faire with our social media activity.

Thanks to a collaboration between Buffer and SumAll, this stylish infographic (below) sums up Buffer’s perspective on this all-important issue. The ‘graphic recommends posting three times per day on Twitter, twice daily on Facebook, five times daily on Pinterest and-

Wait, only three tweets daily? You likely tweet way more than that figure, either personally or professionally. But Buffer’s research found that by the third tweet, engagement dips heavily.

That stat is explained in this chart, courtesy SocialBakers:


The guide below is by no means a prescription for every social media user. But you may glean from it a guide to social media output to better boost engagement and increase your follower rate:



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