5 incredible stats about 5G

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The telecom industry is salivating at the idea of the next-gen network technology poised to overtake 4G. To put it simply, 5G will let you to download an eight gigabyte HD movie in six seconds compared to the seven minutes it would take over 4G or more than an hour on 3G.

Many insiders are extolling 5G as the only network that could handle the increasingly booming Internet of Things, where our devices will become linked to each other more so than ever before.

Global mobile giants such as Nokia and Ericsson committed to advancing to 5G, but discussions on setting 5G technical standards have yet to begin. But we’re being assured 5G will come to our mobile tech; it’s not a matter of if, but when.

Below are some of the 5 key stats about 5G and how it can change the way we use our connected devices:

  • Data speeds would increase to 10Gbps compared to 4G’s 1Gbps
  • Latency, the time it takes one device to send a packet of data to another device, will radically drop from today’s 50 milliseconds to 5G’s 1 millisecond
  • According to Ericsson wireless network research director Magnus Frodigh, 5G should have around 1,000 times the mobile data volume, and support up to 100 times the number of connected devices
  • Operators will spend $1.7 trillion on equipment upgrades between now and 2020.
  • Japan wants to have a commercial 5G network running by the time Tokyo hosts the 2020 Summer Olympic Games

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