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Hashtag Team: The next trend in analytics, rise of content marketing

Last updated on April 9th, 2015 at 04:38 pm

What’s trending this week in the B2B Twittersphere? To find out, B2B News Network has partnered with Nexalogy, a Montréal-based social data analysis platform whose NexaMaster analytics tool allows us to sift and sort through every tweet out there to bring you news you can use.

This week, we feature links to informative posts on the increasing importance of content marketing in B2B, how Big Data Discovery is “the next big trend in analytics,” a podcast on why B2B communicators should support a free and open Internet, and more.

As always, the B2BNN Hashtag Team invites you, dear reader, to submit any buzzworthy B2B tweets or other links to @B2BNewsNetwork.

B2B Social Media/Marketing

Content marketing is becoming increasingly important to B2B businesses. Fully 70 percent of content marketers say they’re creating more content than they did a year ago, according to the Content Marketing Institute. But just a little more than one third—35 percent to be exact—say they have a documented content strategy. According to Ad Age, only one in five say they have successfully tracked return on investment. In a case study of 15 B2B companies, NewsCred found that marketing investment drives ROI with B2B businesses that know their audience, create useful content, use specific content solutions to impact different stages of the buying cycle, and integrate internally with their teams.

B2B Analytics/Big Data

Timo Elliot at ÜberTech reports on Big Data Discovery, “the next big trend in analytics” and “the logical combination of three of the hottest trends of the last few years in analytics: Big Data, Big Discovery and Data Science.” SAP, with its Lumira product, is an example of a B2B vendor working to converge these three elements.

B2B Podcasts

In this edition of For Immediate Release’s The Hobson & Holtz Report, special guest Madeline Earp of Freedom House, along with hosts Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman, discusses Internet freedom and why B2B communicators should advocate a free and open World Wide Web. Earp also talks about how Internet freedom—or a lack of it—can impact B2B executives’ ability to do business overseas.


What are the content preferences of B2B marketers? Kapost Content Marketing shows content marketers read blogs the most, followed by infographics, white papers, social media, videos and eBooks. What kind of content do they share? It’s a mixed bag of “data heavy” content, which is shared by 63 percent of survey respondents, and “playful and fun” content, which fully two-thirds of respondents said they share.

Marketers trust influencers more than twice as much as “traditional news sources,” and they trust thought leaders 10 times more than they trust corporate blogs. In fact, they are 10 times as likely to share content from a thought leader than a corporate blog. As for content delivery, nearly seven out of 10 respondents said they prefer to receive content via email, while 78 percent said they share content via email.

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