Why enterprises could be clamouring to the Apple Watch

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According to a recent poll, 94 percent of those who plan to buy the Apple Watch want to use it for work functions, according to MobileIron, a mobile software company.

As Apple Watch units begin to ship all over the world, the smartwatch craze is poised to enter the workplace, as we learn in this CNBC article. Will your B2B firm begin to eye the Apple Watch as a device to make your jobs easier to complete by deadline?

Thanks to the 3,000 apps already available for the Watch, staff on the road at, say, a conference, could benefit from the variety of tech available.

“Things like Uber make a lot of sense,” says Ben Bajarin, principal analyst at tech research firm creative strategies, “if you quickly want to request an Uber driver and then get back to whatever you were doing. Yelp is another good example, when you want to find out what’s around you and get a recommendation of where to eat.”

Having the Apple Watch close to your body, as a wearable as opposed to a phone as a peripheral, could be essential during critical moments. “If you’re a sales manager, and get a quick notification that you’re going to lose a deal, that’s the thing you want to react to in five minutes,” says Bastiaan Janmaat, CEO of DataFox, an online research firm. “If you’re away from your iPhone or computer and can’t react quickly enough, you can actually lose deals that way.”

As CNBC writes, Apple Watch could soon find a home in offices across the world. Salesforce, for example, created an app allowing users to get real-time alerts and view dashboards. Don’t discount Microsoft as a Watch hater, because with its app, Apple Watch users can remotely control PowerPoint slideshows on the iPhone.

But Apple Watch still needs solid market penetration to affect the enterprise market. A poll of 505 people conducted since April 8 found that about 74 percent said they were “not at all likely” to buy the smartwatch.

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