Twitter tweaks policies for app developers buying ads

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Twitter announced it is revising its protocol on how ads by app developers are displayed and paid for on its social network.

Twitter will let developers append videos to mobile app promotion ads “so consumers can get a better idea of the apps in action,” as AdAge reports. These video app cards will play automatically once Twitter officially rolls them out, but advertisers won’t be charged for those video views.

Under Twitter’s old policy, video advertising for apps wasn’t allowed and advertisers would be charged per view of the app once a link was clicked. Soon, the payment metric will centre on how many downloads the actual app received via the promotion.

As AdAge notes, the new option is viable because “Twitter’s relationships with companies that track app installs have matured, said Richard Alfonsi, Twitter’s VP of global online sales. The company’s mobile developer toolbox Fabric, which was announced last October, also offers conversion tracking, he said.”

Ride-sharing company Lyft claimed Twitter app-install ads outperform its marketing elsewhere, as AdWeek writes. “Twitter has become our go-to channel for social media marketing. We’ve seen tremendous results with up to three times better performance than other social media channels,” the company said in Twitter’s announcement.

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