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Weekly LOL: Business jargon in the crosshairs of new Avaya ad

Last updated on July 20th, 2015 at 04:27 pm

In a new weekly column, we’ll showcase the funniest and most laugh-worthy business content we find online. This week, a look at a new ad that perfectly skewers the many clichés business professionals use regularly.

“Disruptive.” “It’s the uber of tax auditing.” “Is that actionable?” “I’ll put my feelers out.” “We’re B to C to B, but back to C, sort of. Sometimes A.”

Sound familiar? Then you can relate to a new ad by communications company Avaya, who recently released an hilarious ad called Stuff Business People Say. If the title rings a bell, go back to 2011 when the Web series Shit Girls Say spawned knock-off videos on what certain demographics say often.

Why is this ad messaging relevant to Avaya? Santa Clara-based Avaya is promoting its solution for taking out language barriers in the office, via its online assistant that works like a dictionary for popular business buzzwords.

The new spot was made by public relations shop FleishmanHillard in partnership with YouTube comedy duo Tripp and Tyler.

Once you view the ad several times, you’ll realize how some jargon truly rings hollow. “Disruptive” has now become overused, while “The Uber of…” is riffing off the many Silicon Valley comparisons entrepreneurs try to make in their 30-second pitches. Will we ever stop using the oft-worn phrase “What are the known unknowns?”

Can you relate to this ad? Let us know what you think in the comments section below


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