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The top 13 Twitter Chats for B2B professionals

Last updated on October 6th, 2015 at 04:08 pm

We can all glean B2B insight and advice from news networks (ahem, thanks for visiting us), white papers, blogs and books, but with the ubiquity of social media comes a heralded medium of B2B wisdom: The Twitter Chat.

A Twitter Chat is when a group of Twitter users gather online at a predetermined time to discuss a particular topic, such as, for example, digital marketing. They use a specific hashtag and a moderator prompts the discussion with questions (Q1, Q2, Q3…), which people then answer (A1, A2, A3…) Think of it as a business networking event, but without the dress code or having to leave your desk.

And so we present…

The top 13 Twitter chats for B2B employees


When: Thursdays at 8pm ET

A B2B marketing chat that covers a full range of topics from demand generation to social media, hosted by @wittlake, @cuferg, @b2bento, @dannyhanssel, and @andrewspoeth.


When: Fridays at 1pm ET Moderated by @BIWIsdom & @howarddresner, #BIWisdom is a discussion group for business intelligence (BI) pros.


When: Wednesdays at 11am ET

This discussion is moderated by @MariaDuron4 (founder), @Mr_Mcfly, and @GeraldMoczynski. Popular among marketing pros, #Brandchat covers all topics about branding and digital marketing. Read the recaps and questions on Brandchat.info.


When: Thursday at 11am PT

This is a bi-weekly chat for digital marketers, social media managers, and SEO experts on how to create a brand people love. Hosted and founded by Brandify.


When: Wednesdays at 2pm ET

Founded by @KellyLux and @JPedde, the #CMgrchat hosts social media community managers and others who work in social media marketing. Get ready to face many questions on the future of social marketing, based on what you’ve been seeing in the space.


When: Tuesdays at 11am CT

Not just about Content Marketing World, CMI’s premiere annual event, this Twitter Chat has grown into one of the best and longest-running online discussions about content marketing.


When: Tuesdays at 9pm ET

The #GetRealChat is hosted by @PamMktgNut and @MktgNutz, and features new and fresh social media marketing perspectives.


When: Tuesdays at 8pm ET

Created and moderated by @LinkedInExpert, this chat has great tips and best practice information about using LinkedIn. This chat is pretty active, and has lots of participation between the hosts/moderators and participants.



When: Monday at 8pm ET

Description: This discussion hosts executives from various marketing and social media firms to talk about marketing and social media. Moderated by @karimacatherine and hosted by @thesocialcmo, each Chat is posted 24 hours afterwards on The Social CMO’s website.


When: Thursdays at 1pm ET

A weekly chat about search engine optimization, founded by @AshBuckles, @Shuey03, and @Dan_Patterson, it currently features 13 different moderators, who keep the discussion moving nicely. Check out the chat transcripts here.


When: Wednesdays at 1pm ET

This conversation is focused on customer service, marketing and social media. Each week is assigned a particular topic area and moderator, which you can be read about here.  


When: Mondays at 4pm ET

The Social Selling hour chat (#SShour) is a good discussion about the intersection of sales, marketing, and social media.

How to participate in a Twitter Chat

You can simply follow the hashtag in your favourite Twitter client, through Twitter’s web portal, or you can use a chat client like TweetChat or Tchat.io.

It’s also important to ensure you get a reminder for Twitter Chats of interest, which you can set personally or find out if some Chats offer email reminders.

Follow the Chat Salad Twitter account for updates on all the latest tweet chats.

Remember to list the answer to which you are replying, such as prefacing your tweet with A1 if you’re answering Q1. Another tip is to space out your replies, so you aren’t dominating the conversation. Allow some time between replies.

What other chats would you add to the list?

Let us know in the comments or via Twitter (of course) over @b2bnewsnetwork!



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