CBC interviews B2B NN president Jen Evans on Apple-FBI controversy

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Apple’s refusal to comply with FBI request to access San Bernadino shooter’s communications is a line in the sand, says the president of B2B News Network Jen Evans.

B2B NN president and co-founder Jen Evans joined a lively discussion on CBC’s The Current radio program Thursday morning on the controversy surrounding the FBI requesting access to encrypted contents on Syed Farook’s iPhone, one of the San Bernardino killers. But Apple is standing firm and refusing to comply to the request, saying that to create a backdoor for one investigation would mean the door would never be closed again for anyone.

“We don’t want people to access anything on our phones,” says Evans in the Canadian radio interview, citing how privacy on smartphones is a critical issue for consumers.

What worries Evans the most about the FBI request is the slippery slope argument. “If this single piece piece of software is developed, the likelihood is it will not stay in the FBI, it will get on the open market very quickly and can be a tool used by anyone to access any Apple device and the implications of that are fairly obvious.”

Later in the interview, Evans remarked: “The amount of data out there we’re grappling with will be an ongoing challenge, and how we manage it and how it’s used by others will be an increasingly large issue as data becomes more complex.”

The interview was hosted by Robyn Bresnahan and joining Evans was David Skillicorn, a professor at the School of Computing at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and author of Knowledge Discovery for Counterterrorism and Law Enforcement.

In recent news, it’s being reported Apple may be getting more time to fight the U.S. government’s efforts to have it hack a terrorist’s iPhone.

As Fortune writes, tech giant is reportedly getting until Friday, Feb. 26—instead of Tuesday, Feb. 23—to respond to a court’s decision allowing the Justice Department to have it hack the Farook’s iPhone.

To listen to the full interview, click the Soundcloud file embedded in this post.

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