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B2B SI: Social intelligence on referral programs, LinkedIn prospecting hacks & digital marketing musts

Last updated on March 28th, 2016 at 09:37 am

Spring has sprung here at B2B News Network and we’ve gathered some of the freshest B2B tweets worth sharing this week. This Wednesday, you’ll learn how to launch your B2B referral program, get LinkedIn hacks that will help you find hot new prospects, listen to a podcast on the ever-evolving customer journey and more. Our selection is aided by Nexalogy, a cutting-edge social analysis platform that lets us sift and sort through all the B2B tweets to bring you the best of what’s buzzing right now.


B2B Marketing
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Did you know that 84 percent of B2B businesses initiate the buying process with a referral? Or that referral is the best acquisition channel for conversion rates at almost four times the average? B2B marketers are increasingly growing their businesses using referral programs, and Marketo shares seven questions you should ask before launching your own B2B referral regimen.

First, make sure your product is referral worthy. Then decide which customers to target and how to promote your program. Determine how you will qualify referred leads and hand them off to sales. Finally, establish a plan to motivate customers to make referrals and find ways to automate some of the tracking and administrative aspects of your program.

B2B Lead Generation

Jose Sanchez at Sales for Life shares nine LinkedIn hacks that will help you find hot new prospects. These range from understanding markets, boolean searches and prime business districts to refining use of keywords. finding new contact points and following link trails.

“LinkedIn can be a virtually limitless resource for growing and nurturing leads as you master the art of advanced search,” writes Sanchez, and B2B professionals who proficiently utilize all the tools LinkedIn has to offer will enjoy better prospecting and exceed quotas.


Infographic: B2B Marketing

Which digital tactics should your B2B company focus on going forward in 2016? MDG Advertising offers this helpful infographic detailing five digital marketing must-dos. Savvy B2B marketers create higher quality content, develop more in-depth maps of their customer journeys and invest heavily in marketing analytics. They also spend significantly on sophisticated automation platforms and take full advantage of webinars and search engine marketing.

Infographic: B2B Social Media


The Potential of Social Media for B2B in 2016

In 2016, B2B social media will generate leads for over half of all businesses. But the great power of social media will only work for you if you let it. The benefits of increased exposure and traffic, lead generation, increased sales and more are only enjoyed by B2B professionals who know how to effectively manage their companies’ social presence. Don’t underestimate the importance of social—did you know, for example, that 72 percent of a brand’s Twitter followers are likely to make a purchase from that brand? Ignore social at your own peril!

Podcast: B2B Marketing



SmartBear CMO Bryan Semple discusses the evolving customer journey and how today’s B2B marketers can better measure the impact of their campaigns. Semple asserts that having an understanding of the smallest details of how your business operates is essential for effective company management. Checking metrics daily is a crucial part of this. There will be plenty of time to step back and examine quarterly trends later. Also, learn to recognize and understand the potential—and pitfalls—the come with change.   If you missed last week’s edition of Hashtag Team written by Sarah Dawley, head here to check it out. As always, if you have any B2B content we think we should share next week, let us know below or via @b2bnewsnetwork.


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