B2B Community Spotlight: Engineering.com

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The world of B2B consists of high-specialized areas of expertise that can be isolating for those who know and work their fields so carefully. That’s where online communities come in. They afford B2B professionals new insights into their fields and allow them to network with fellow pros from across the globe. In this installment of B2B Community Spotlight, we’re delving into the culture of engineers and how they relate to each other on Engineering.com.

Even engineers can agree that those in their professions are their own breed of people. Over the last fifteen years, Engineering.com CEO John Hayes and team have built an outstanding set of resources and connections for just for engineers. One of the key strengths of engineering.com is how laser-focused on member interests the website is, and its data-driven approach.

A digital multimedia publisher that provides a platform for industrial brands to reach millions of engineers and designers around the world each month, Engineering.com features a job board and sections where engineers can read about and discuss education, design, electronics, videos, resources and webinars. Since the industry thrives on the new, this site is a great source for the latest advances in technology and innovative new products.

Image credit: Jon Evans

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