B2B NN Storyline: Illustrating the story of SheEO, a voice for female entrepreneurs in Canada

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The SheEO community has chosen 5 world-changing businesses lead by Canadian women. They are now embarking on the next phase of their business development and we will be telling their stories through our B2BNN Storyline features over the summer months.

SheEO is an organization built to support entrepreneurial women deserves an artistic treatment. Learn more about the inspirational work done by SheEO, a Toronto-based group led by Vicki Saunders (whom we profiled in 2015) via the B2B NN Storyline illustrative production below.

How does SheEO aim to showcase the talents, strengths and passions of female entrepreneurs and B2B professionals? What makes this group empowering for women who want to delve deeper into business?

Read the SheEO story below, and enjoy another B2B News Network Storyline production!






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