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B2B Trending Conversations: Native Advertising

Last updated on July 20th, 2016 at 09:45 am

Welcome to another round of B2B Conversations, our weekly roundup of the most shared and buzzworthly content on social media about a specific area of the B2B world.

This week, we’re focusing on native advertising—a form of paid media that closely matches the platform on which it appears. From “advertorials” in print and online publications that are labeled as sponsored content to product placement, native advertising is as effective for B2B businesses as it is for B2C brands. Let’s find out what people are saying about it.

The B2B marketing power of native advertising

In this post on Business 2 Community, Wendy Marx covers the benefits of native advertising, highlights two examples of successful B2B native advertising campaigns in action, and outlines suggestions for where your business may be able to implement a native advertising campaign of your own. Sometimes deciding where to start is the hardest part, so it’s great that this post breaks down five options for B2B native advertising along with prices (when possible).

B2B native advertising and FTC guidelines

No one likes being lied to. And no one likes to be fed content they believe to be unbiased, only to find out later that it was paid for by a business trying to increase its own profits. That’s why the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has truth-in-advertising campaigns that businesses need to adhere to, even B2B businesses executing native advertising online. This post by Laurie Fullerton on The Drum covers important information for B2B marketers in the United States about guidelines for creating sponsored content. Take notes!

Content marketing vs. native advertising

How is content marketing different than native advertising? Is it even different? Using references from the movie Fight Club, this post by Cathy Reisenwitz for Capterra covers the perceived differences between native advertising and content marketing, the bad wrap native advertising seems to carry with it, and whether or not the two are actually one and the same. I won’t spoil the crux of her argument (or the plot of Fight Club), so I suggest reading it for yourself and adding your two cents to the debate.

Creating a B2B native advertising campaign

So you’ve decided that a native advertising campaign is the right way to go for your B2B business, now what? This post by Michael Ansaldo on the CMO Digital Forum covers everything you need to know, from how to pick your platform and use the right tone, to ensuring you provide as much value to your audience as possible while remaining transparent and compliant—and best of all, how to save some dollars in the process.

Are you interested in B2B mobile strategies and apps? Check out last week’s edition of B2B Trending Conversations from Brett Wilkins here. As always, if you have any B2B content or ideas you think we should focus on next week, let us know via @b2bnewsnetwork. We love hearing from you!


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