B2B Community Spotlight: Spiceworks

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B2B News Network set out to find the top B2B online communities, so we went straight to you for the ones you find enriching and enjoy being a part of. You told us about your favourite spaces and places and how your fellow B2B practitioners can benefit from them. One of your favourite’s was Spiceworks.

Back in 2005, former IT executives Scott Abel, Jay Hallberg, Greg Kattawar and Francis Sullivan began discussing ways to build an online social network for IT professionals where users could help each other solve common tech problems.

By January 2006, Spiceworks was born.

Earning a spot in every influential community just because of its longevity and influence in the IT community, Spiceworks is a professional network which allows users from the IT industry to collaborate and seek advice online from more than six millions IT professionals in over 200 countries around the world. Users can also purchase IT-related services and products from 3,000 technology vendors through the site’s marketplace.

Although Spiceworks’ professional network and software are free to users, premium features can be purchased.

Want to experience Spiceworks live? The company has hosted SpiceWorld, a conference for its users, annually since 2008.

Image credit: Jon Evans

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