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Cendrine Marrouat: B2B trends in social media, content marketing, curation & creative

Last updated on August 3rd, 2016 at 08:49 am

The B2B space is slightly behind when it comes to social media, said one of the top reporters for B2B News Network, but they are rapidly catching up. An increasing number of firms are realizing the importance of delivering information in a visual and interactive way.

“The business that stands out from competition in any industry has figured out three things: its unique value proposition, ideal target audience, and main KPIs,” Marrouat said. “Without those elements, no amount of money can make your campaigns successful. And you can say goodbye to ROI.”

Corporate teams have permission to have fun

The results are showing in through across the B2B landscape.

“In terms of trends, more and more creative videos are popping up,” said Cendrine Marrouat. “Corporate teams also seem to give themselves more permission to have fun. And content curation is starting to be taken seriously.”

That’s just one of the trends that reporter Marrouat has noticed in her time reporting for B2B News Network.

Winnipeg-based Marrouat, who got her start in B2B writing for in 2014, said her move wasn’t a conscious decision, but “the more I write about the B2B space, the more interesting I find it. We all know that the B2B and B2C audiences are different. The former is looking for informative and educative content, while the latter wants to be inspired and entertained.

“Despite those facts, both audiences want the same thing at the end of the day. They want products or services that make their lives easier, save them time, and solve their major pain points.”

Larger B2B brands getting into social media

Marrouat said that increasingly, larger B2B brands are getting into social media and that is paving the way for smaller firms, she said.

Marrouat’s stories are some of B2B News Network’s most popular stories to date. Is content marketing dead? 5 B2B marketing experts weigh in, was shared hundreds of times, as was a story on who is winning in the video content marketing space. Her profile on Nexalogy founder Claude G. Théoret was eye-opening, she said. “(Theoret) has a depth of knowledge that many self-proclaimed marketing gurus would only dream of having.” This year for B2B News Network, Marrouat will continue focusing on her current topics, which include content curation, case studies, roundups, and interviews.

The best advice that Marrouat has heard, is to “stop listening to self-proclaimed marketing expert/gurus/ninjas,” she said. “Instead, invest time and money in research to fully understand the needs and pain points of your customer base.”


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