Monday, June 17, 2024

Enterprise Spotlight:

Google uses AI, Facebook uses AI, your bank uses AI, self driving cars… you get the idea.  We are fast moving from the app era, to the era of the intelligent agent and bots. We will witness the birth of hundreds, if not thousands, of autonomous intelligent agents over the next few short years. By definition, these agents complete entire jobs by themselves, which means they must learn to understand us, and our objectives.

It is in this world that exists. Founded in 2014, this NYC company is a self-proclaimed “hardcore technology company, developing invisible software.”

How teaches a machine to understand us deploys a process called Supervised Learning to make sure the machine is extracting and classifying the data correctly (or at least as logically as humanly possible). In this process, humans, or AI trainers, verify machine-generated annotations. They’re needed when the system has a low degree of confidence around its own classification of a particular data point. has developed very specific guidelines for data labeling.

AI trainers spend their days looking at fragments of text that the machine has extracted and then accept or modify the label the machine has offered. This process ensures that “dirty, mislabeled data” doesn’t pollute the AI model. In instances of ambiguity, once a human verifies the annotation in question, the data is fed back into the system, which then compiles a meaningful response to the sender.

Other than search engines and financial services, what can AI do for us? Check back to find out what has created, or head to their website for more info.



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