Social Saturday: ABM, Content Marketing and Wearable Tech

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Welcome to our new weekly segment, a weekly roundup of conversations and trends in the social B2B world!  This week, we’ll look at ABM, how to repurpose your existing content, and see where wearable tech is going.


Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is on everyone’s mind now. ABM is a strategy that concentrates sales and marketing on targeted accounts within their market, using personalized campaigns designed to the individual account. As Justin Gray points out in his article on LinkedIn, it is important to remember that the sales team is not “hands off” in this process. Align your sales and marketing teams for greater return, and don’t forget to measure your results regularly!


Repurposing Content

You’ve got one great piece of content, now what? How do you create more? Are you one of the 61% of content marketers that create each piece from scratch?  This insightful infographic from Brafton provides some basic ideas to save you valuable time, money, and resources.


Wearable Tech

This is one area of technology that will be interesting to watch in 2017. If smartphones have changed how we do business, just over the past 20 years, just imagine how things will change with wearable tech. What insights will your business be able to gain? Where will you find your customers? Will you market to them differently?

If the IHS is correct in their predictions, smart glasses and clothing will see the most significant growth.


If you see something interesting in the social universe that you think we should include next week, let us know on Twitter via @B2BNewsNetwork. We’d love to hear from you!

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