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Chatbots: The Future of Your Business

Businesses today are doing everything they can in order to increase their customer acquisition, social media presence, and creating more ways to put out their product.  One of the things that they have started using is something known as a chatbot.  As you’ll see, these devices have revolutionized the way companies do business, and they definitely should be considered part of the future.


What is a Chatbot?

In order to discuss what a chatbot can do for your company, we first need to define what it is.  Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence that serve a variety of purposes.  They do so using meaningful conversations with someone using social messaging systems such as Facebook Messenger and others.  They can be used for customer support, purchase an item from a store, and receive information.  Quite often, you can do this from the messenger app instead of going to the website.


B2B Boom

In fact, companies who do business-to-business (B2B) transactions with chatbot companies are definitely benefiting from the use of chatbots.  Several companies have conversed with chatbot companies to create leads, and let marketers create the best content for users.  For example, Pizza Hut, Whole Foods, and many others are all collaborating with chatbot companies to extend their business to messaging app users.  Not only that, but media companies like HBO have collaborated with companies (e.g. Luka) to create chatbots that emulate character personalities.  CNN has also started using chatbots to allow people to get news tailored to their own unique interests.


Chatbots And Media Companies

Indeed, companies involved with journalism are learning how valuable chatbots can be.  Some of them allow Facebook to send instant articles, which is a Facebook feature that allows publishers to post articles quickly.  You can also have article links sent to you on other social media platforms, as well as through email.  To implement this feature, you can keep it simple.  All you need is to give the reader the ability to get informed quickly.  No special fonts or designs are necessary.


chatbots messenger

Social Media Marketing Strategies With Chatbots

Using social media to reach your customers is also important, but doing so means you need to utilize all possible platforms.  There are plenty of them out there including Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack, and several others.  They have all become important because messaging apps have become more popular than social media apps.  Therefore, it has become vital for companies to create bots for all of these platforms.  Remember – not using one means you lose the audience that uses that app.  Do not assume everyone uses all of them.  Some may use one, and some may use others.  It’s up to you to create ways to reach everyone.


Using Chatbots For Customer Acquisition

Any company that uses chatbots successfully will acquire more customers, but in order to do that there are several things to remember.  First, give it a personality.  If customers think they are talking to a robot, they will lose interest.  Instead, consider giving your bot a name, and a gender, to make it seem more like a real person.  That way, people think they are talking to a real person, and get their information quickly.

Next, use the given customer data to create a more personal experience for the user.  If someone has used the chatbot more than once, make them feel like they are welcomed back.  Doing this removes the feeling of having to start from scratch, which is sure to make them want to move on.

Lastly, consider advertising on several websites.  Just like with social media, and messaging apps, you want to reach the biggest audience.  So, consider placing ads on several websites in different markets.  You may want to consider sites for games, retail stores, magazines, and many others.  The idea is to reach the biggest audience, and you never know who will click on your ad.  So, spread your wings, and advertise everywhere.


chatbots content

Businesses that have started using chatbots are already seeing a difference in their customer base, and social media presence.  These devices have changed the way companies are reaching people, and interacting with them.  Chatbots are definitely being used in several different ways.  Thus, they are definitely becoming part of the future for businesses.


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