Nominations are Open! Top 50 Women Over 50 in Tech

top 50 women over 50 in tech
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You asked: What are women accomplishing in tech? What positions do they hold? What does a woman’s career in tech look like in her 50s, 60s and beyond?

To be honest, we don’t know (unless they are CEOs) but we’re going to find out. This is where our fantastic community comes in. We want to hear from you – about the women who are making a difference in your organizations, your businesses and your startups. Maybe they are bosses, maybe they are coders or maybe they’ve invented things most of us have never heard of.

Now’s your chance! Nominate a notable woman over the age of 50 in tech. Tell us where she works, what she’s accomplished, and how she’s impacted the industry she works in.

Our judges will create a shortlist, and we’ll profile them in an upcoming story.

Nominate a woman for our “Top 50 Women Over 50 In Tech” here.

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Tracey Tong

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