The State of Content Marketing in 2017

content marketing stats
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Content is the talk of the trade for past few years in the marketing business. The creative crew at Point Visible took some time and investigated about the trends related to it. They came up with this awesome infographic showing the stats and numbers behind content marketing in 2017 and beyond.

As it clearly shows, content-oriented marketing is going to be one of the top digital markets of the future, $300 billion in worth by 2019. No wonder, as we’ve seen high rises in content use for marketing purposes all over the place. From YouTube and social pages to business sites. Creative and high informative content is slowly but steadily replacing traditional advertisements. There’s no place for those, since we’ve already seen a rise in ad-blocking services banning them from sight. It’s time to jump in on the hype and start investing those efforts towards creating something of higher value for your audience. Take a peek at this infographic and see what it’s all about.

content marketing stats

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