Thursday, July 18, 2024

Terminus Unites Inbound and Account-Based Marketing with HubSpot Integration

B2B marketers can now trigger account-based advertising campaigns from HubSpot’s marketing software, enabling easy orchestration of ABM with email nurture campaigns

Terminus, the leader of the account-based marketing (ABM) movement transforming B2B marketing, today announced its integration with HubSpot Marketing software. By combining HubSpot’s inbound marketing capabilities with the Terminus ABM platform, customers can now utilize account-based advertising campaigns to amplify the messaging in their email nurtures to the entire buying center at an account.

“With our product integration, HubSpot and Terminus customers can now orchestrate robust omnichannel nurture campaigns that increase awareness in the buying center and improve conversion of the most valuable contacts at best-fit accounts,” said Bryan Brown, Chief Product Officer for Terminus. “Savvy B2B marketers understand that you have to get in front of all the stakeholders involved in a purchase decision, not just the person that filled out a form. We approached this integration with the goal of giving HubSpot users the ability to expand reach beyond the lead’s email inbox and amplify awareness and engagement by nurturing an entire account with digital advertising.”

Terminus’ HubSpot Marketing integration automates account-based advertising campaigns from within HubSpot’s Workflow tool, making it easy to trigger targeted Terminus campaigns for accounts where a high-value lead is at the right stage of the buyer’s journey. The benefits of Terminus’ HubSpot integration for B2B marketing practitioners include:

  • Expanded reach — Go beyond the individual lead to engage all the decision-makers and influencers at an account, even without their contact data.
  • Marketing orchestration — Coordinate the right message across email nurture and digital advertising campaigns that can be tailored to each persona at target accounts throughout the buyer’s journey and beyond.
  • Engagement reporting — Use Terminus reports to understand how campaigns are influencing and engaging the entire account, not just the lead. Track digital advertising results, website behavior, and media spend at the account level to demonstrate marketing’s influence on generating pipeline and revenue.

“Marketers will find these types of campaigns and tactics are perfect for mid-funnel content,” Brown continued. “By running a multi-touch strategy with campaigns in HubSpot and Terminus, marketers will help support sales teams by accelerating pipeline creation and driving revenue.”

Complementing HubSpot’s robust marketing analytics, Terminus’ ABM measurement tools allow marketers to capture account web engagement—even those individuals that do not identify themselves through a web form. The reporting capabilities include total visitors and visits by company, specific content viewed, and date of last visit to provide insight into an account’s interest and buying intent. This rich information allows marketers to review and plan for account engagement, bringing marketing and sales together to more cohesively and effectively drive revenue.

“Account-based marketing applies the personalized approach core to inbound to situations where you’re building a relationship with multiple stakeholders at once,” said Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot said when HubSpot invested in Terminus during its Series B raise of $10.3 million. “We loved what Terminus was doing in the ABM space. We look forward to building on this partnership with the Terminus team and are excited to bring inbound marketing and account-based marketing together for our customers.”

Click here to learn more on Terminus’ HubSpot integration as well as how inbound and account-based marketing can work together.


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