2018 Content Marketing Statistics

content marketing statistics
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Saying that content is king truly makes sense today. But this wasn’t a case just a few years ago when content was literally molested, being created only to be overstuffed with keywords and fulfill blunt SEO needs.

It’s the first and last thing that modern marketing is and will be all about. It seems that we’ve only just started to use it properly, mostly thanks to all those Google updates, showing a constant fight for a better internet and the content itself.

The golden times of content marketing are only just beginning. Last year, 89% of B2B marketers were using content as part of their campaigns. To this day the numbers have grown to 91% and we can expect a steady growth in months to come. Everyone has a story to tell and this is what you should be doing too. Seek to be a hero to your readership and make your content your number one sidekick.

But, there are still roadblocks we need to overcome.

As almost 40% of B2B marketers were using content with no particular strategy, which was getting them nowhere, it’s expected that 75% of them will incorporate content marketing strategy, including blogger outreach, link-building, and more, to make their content successful in the following year

Another big issue lies in the fact that content is still being largley outsourced. The problems that may occur with it not being created “in-house” are going to be the ones of quality and credibility. There are still plenty of companies around with one-man content marketing bands or none, so we cannot expect that things are drastically going to improve in this area. Marketers should start looking for more quality sources if they wish to satisfy their audience.

So what will we see with in 2018? It’s safe to say we can raise a toast for a better internet – at least as far as our royal friend is concerned. Finally more relevance and quality, instead of large amounts of content being created just to sit there and do nothing. For more predictions and stats have a look at the infographic by Point Visible below.

content marketing statistics

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