Tuesday, May 21, 2024

LookBookHQ rebrands as PathFactory as it launches an AI-based content insight and activation engine

LookBookHQ on Tuesday launched an application to help B2B marketers get more insight to improve their content marketing efforts called PathFactory Engine, the first word of which will also serve as the firm’s new name as part of a rebranding effort.

The company will be showcasing PathFactory Engine and speaking at the Sirius Decisions Summit in Las Vegas this week. LookBookHQ is perhaps best known for its Intelligent Content Platform, which essentially recommends to organizations what kind of content from their resource libraries they should be serving to a particular audience in order to achieve the maximum impact. The company said PathFactory Engine will work with its platform in a way similar to how Salesforce Einstein, the CRM giant’s artificial intelligence (AI) tool, connects to its products.

In this case, AI will combine external data which as visitors and accounts with engagement data to identify the role of content in the buyer’s journey as well as the impact it has on pipeline and revenue.

“In many cases, a lot of the organizations in the martech stack are helping you get a click. We’re helping you get the most out of the click you got,” Mark Attila Opauszky, CEO of LookBookHQ (now PathFactory) told B2B News Network. “We’re taking that moment of engagement that (other martech tools) helped earn and measure and go to the whole next step, which is not just to consume more content but get that deeper level of engagement data — was it relevant, did it move you forward in your marketing?”

While many organizations have embraced content marketing in some form, one of the bigger challenges is figuring out how to drive the right strategy, Attila Opauszky said. A firm might have concluded that their 20-page white paper just wasn’t driving sales leads, for instance, but Pathfactory Engine might show that the issue is only with a certain industry or role, like vice-presidents of manufacturing. The same asset might perform better with a manager-level role in the same kind of organization, he said.

“The most important catalyst is when marketing is responsible for contribution to revenue,” he said. “When they have targets to hit and only a certain time to hit it in, that’s something we can wrap our fingers around . . . We can show them what’s happening in Salesforce, for example (because of the way buyers are engaging with content). They’re finally able to make that connection.”

The rebranding, meanwhile, will help the company formerly known as LookBookHQ start a fresh conversation with existing customers while potentially raising its profile with those who have never been customers, Attila Opauszky added. He said there was no concern around making such a big change after years of gaining traction with the LookBookHQ moniker, and that PathFactory Engine represented the direction it was taking.

“We’re just all in,” he said. “We’ve been in love with the problem space since the inception of the company, doing all this pioneering work in AI-based recommendations, but there is so much more to do, and we decided we’re in it for the long haul. It just felt like the right way to punctuate the launch.”


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