The business case for collaboration between PR and B2B sales teams

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If you aren’t including public relations activities in your overall, B2B sales, marketing and business goals, you will have a difficult time seeing success. Many view PR as simply “public relations” that works in its own silo, but it is much more. It’s the key to getting your B2B’s brand image and messaging out the right way to get the results you desire.

PR = People and Relationships

Per Netcraft’s January 2018 Web Server Survey, there are over 1.8 billion websites in the world. And we all know we are exposed to thousands of ads each day, everywhere… online, in the car, sitting at the beach, walking in the park, and even visiting a public restroom! There is a lot of competition out there so the only way to stand out is to provide a unique message with the human touch.

And this is where public relations plays a key role. Specifically…

Why is it important to collaborate PR activities with your B2B sales priorities?

Public Relations:

1. Creates and promotes specific messages that your targeted audience-members care about.
If you want to increase sales, it’s essential to provide value and give customers what they want while offering something unique.

If you provide excellent products and services backed by messages that resonate with your target market, you can stand out from all the noise out there. Expert, public relations pros can work with your marketing campaigns and promote the key messages in a way that help build customer relationships and sales.

2. Uncovers personal stories about your employees, charitable activities, events, and more that make your B2B more “human.”
Customers want to buy from companies that make them feel important and provide a personal touch. Public relations helps you find stories about employees, customer successes, charitable events, trends, and more that show the personal side of your B2B.

Instead of coming across as a high-tech, computerized organization that only cares about the bottom line, PR highlights the people and successes behind your B2B. This reveals the human side of your business and how your team members really care about customer satisfaction.

3. Spreads marketing messages for positive results.
Public relations gives you third-party credibility you can’t obtain in any other way. When you receive a quote in a major publication or there is a story about your B2B on television or another medium, potential customers give that much more credibility than if they see a paid advertisement about your business.

Plus, this can generate massive, positive word-of-mouth that significantly increases site traffic, your online reputation and sales… cost-effectively.

Collaborate with PR or Miss A Huge Opportunity!

If you don’t include your publicists in your main sales and business planning, now is the time to take action. By collaborating with your public relations team, you can offer unique messaging that can’t be duplicated by the competition, boost positive awareness to a worldwide audience fast and show your B2B as a unique, “human” organization that really cares about customers.

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Melanie Rembrandt

Melanie Rembrandt a B2B content marketing strategist, small business PR expert and published author (Simple Publicity, Secrets of Becoming a Publicist) who helps businesses boost sales, awareness and credibility fast via Rembrandt Communications, LLC.