Ring Up More Sales with New Platform from Dialpad

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The telephone remains one of the greatest tools available to companies in pursuit of securing more sales. The folks behind business VoIP provider and cloud phone system innovator Dialpad know this more than anyone, which is why the company recently released an intelligent sales dialer platform known as Dialpad Sell. The San Francisco-based tech firm has designed their latest offering to vastly improve sales numbers for businesses worldwide, an aim many early adopters of the technology have already determined to be both practical and efficient.


Dialpad Sell works by combining the company’s existing expertise in Voice Intelligence with the Dialpad sales dialer framework. The result is a seamless ability to transcribe and instantly digitize voice calls and convert the data into detailed and insightful analytics that businesses can quickly absorb into their operations.


Companies are quickly finding out that Dialpad Sell can greatly enhance multiple aspects of their sales process. AI is used to zero-in on specific words and phrases said during a call to augment a sales representative’s ability to effectively communicate with a prospect. For instance, if a rival brand is mentioned during the conversation, Dialpad Sell provides the sales rep with instant information which can be used to counter against any reference to the competitor. Reps are also provided a checklist and agenda tracker to stay on message and ensure essential talking points are mentioned before the conclusion of the phone call.


The core objective of Dialpad Sell is to help agents through one of the most difficult parts of the job: picking up on subtle cues given by their prospects and – more importantly – effectively acting on them in a way which leads to positive sales outcomes. Without a streamlined option like Sell, sales teams in training have to undergo hours of preparation before they’re ready to interact with potential customers over the phone in this capacity. The guidance and response improvement enabled by Sell cuts through this time-consuming training period.


Game-changing real-time guidance features are only half the story of Dialpad Sell. The other is the revolutionary analytics. The standard method of scrutinizing sales calls has been to have someone sit there and listen to them and offer up a detailed critique of what can be done to make improvements. With a feature of Dialpad Sell known as Voice Intelligence Sales Coach, sales managers can rapidly analyze digitized transcriptions of calls as well as integrate an array of enhancements based on previously acquired data. Features like this enable management to isolate specific stretches of conversation in a quick amount of time to more efficiently develop an effective critique and analysis.


Capping all this off is easy integration with popular business platforms. Dialpad Sell seamlessly syncs up with most popular CRM software including Office 365, Salesforce, and Hubspot, making it a cinch to be added into an existing digital framework.


Despite enormous leaps in technology, the telephone is still where a lot of communication continues to occur. This is certainly true in the business world, which is why platforms like Dialpad Sell are vital to achieving continued sales success. The ability to augment real-time sales calls and better analyze them for the future is an opportunity no sales-driven business can afford to pass up.

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Adam Tanton

Adam Tanton

Adam is a partner in B2BNN with over 15 years experience in the enterprise technology field.