AI is shaping employee training faster than you imagine. Here’s how.

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A world where AI is said parallel to summoning a demon by the experts, rooting for it to work magic on L&D seems too optimistic, right?

Maybe not.

Movies have taught us that artificial intelligence makes robots rise against humanity (and win), but this is not (entirely) true.

Today, AI is the root of the system that helps you to parallel park. It is also the system that learns your shopping preferences online and gives you suggestions. And it is the technology behind the chatbot asking you “relevant” questions in your online learning course.

Believe it or not, AI has become one of the most important systems for designing a more productive and less redundant education environment.

Let’s see how.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Sure, it was a good “moral of the story” once but speaking of corporate training, does it still hold true?

Yes. An emphatic YES.

An effective gamification technique in training leverages the most driving, basic instincts of human beings such as achievement, learning, socializing, competition, victory, and even altruism.

AI is making learning and training a fun game which is:

  • Capturing the attention of learners
  • Challenging them
  • Engaging them by entertaining them
  • And, of course, teaching them

One of the examples for putting Games and AI together in the corporate world is by QuoDecK.

At the heart of QuoDecK are machine learning and artificial intelligence. This technology helps the solution to gain insights about user behavior and upgrade the system and the learning program accordingly.

One of QuoDecK’s features is chat simulation which allows the user to learn how to talk to clients and customers in different professions. This feature can successfully aid customer service as well as sales training.

Smart Content

Ever since AI grew capable of designing learning content of the same prowess as humans (maybe better), the concept of “smart content” became a trend.

Everything, from customizable learning to interactive digital courses, is a part of Smart Learning Content.

One of the most effective ways eLearning course developers are using the power of smart content is for turning the old and tedious courses into more interesting learning material with advanced authoring tools.

With the help of flashcards, smaller learning guides, and intelligent simulations, eLearning course developers are creating intuitive courses for learners.

Advanced Teaching

Creating flashcards and microlearning content is one thing, AI is capable of pulling off a lot more than that. AI is helping eLearning course developers to design more personalized modules for learning and training.

The concept of “Mastery Learning” which is essentially a feedback-based learning system that aligns with the individualized learning and training.

For instance, SHERLOCK is one such intelligent tutoring system that is used to train Airforce technicians about the electrical system of an aircraft. It follows an Avatar-based training approach to help military personnel being posted internationally.

Augmented Intelligence

On the ground level, AR or augmented reality magnifies or enriches the experience of real-life objects with external digital characteristics.

Today, there are a number of applications that are working on the same principle to enhance the learning experience for many users. For instance, the game Put a Spell allows the users to scan printed text and offers simultaneous translations.

Furthermore, VR allows the user to acquire knowledge and learn with the help of experience and that’s why it is more effective than the traditional and theoretical ways of learning.


There are amazing things in store when it comes to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in learning. Every kind of adaptive approach, customization, virtual reality, and whatnot is our way to betterment. It might seem like a far-fetched dream from becoming mainstream, but it is the right way.

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Adam Tanton

Adam Tanton

Adam is a partner in B2BNN with over 15 years experience in the enterprise technology field.