Friday, July 12, 2024

RollWorks applies machine learning to help ABM adopters with account scoring

RollWorks this week said it was aiming to address a common ABM challenge facing B2B firms with a machine learning model that could prioritize and score target account lists.

The San Francisco-based firm said the predictive capabilities it is introducing in its Identification Solution would analyze data on a company’s closed deals or clients it had won to determine which would have a more likely propensity to make a purchase.

According to RollWorks, which is a division of AdRoll, the updated Identification Solution would sync with Sales Cloud, Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) product, while also searching through RollWorks’ database of more than 18 million accounts and over 320 million contacts to find others a company could target.

Justin Cooperman, RollWorks’ vice-president of product management, said the account scoring features would provide a more data-driven approach to areas where sales and marketing teams tend to clash. This includes defining the ideal customer profile (ICP) and which accounts on its list match it.

“Instead of sitting down to discuss long laundry lists of accounts, sales and marketing teams can visualize key ‘fit indicators’ that the RollWorks model identifies, and shift their focus to how to best engage high-fit, potential new customers,” Cooperman told B2B News Network. “Our vision is to bring account-based solutions to the masses.”

The models need a company’s existing customer list uploaded to the RollWorks Identification Solution to suggest new accounts based on how they compare to the firmographic and technographic data of existing customers, Cooperman said. An early customer example is Dialpad, an AI-based phone system that applied the machine learning models to 200 of its best customers.

“(We) surfaced nearly 900 target accounts likely to become Dialpad customers, outside of their existing target account lists generated by sales,” Cooperman said. “The only direction required is training data.”

As part of the announcement, RollWorks also introduced what it called Account Groups to target similar kinds of customers with digital ads. Cooperman used the example of a company that sells both an enterprise and entry-level solution that might want to build an account group based on firmographic characteristics for each of these segments.

“You might also create an account group based on technographics for a specific marketing campaign, based on a customer ecosystem, for example, targeting Salesforce shops with specific content that wouldn’t be relevant to users of other CRMs,” he said.

Over time, RollWorks plans to expand the RollWorks partner ecosystem so more teams can leverage the same insights, no matter where they currently go for marketing automation and CRM support, Cooperman added.


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