Thursday, July 18, 2024

Aprimo AI aims to bring speed and efficiency to B2B marketing teams’ content lifecycle

Aprimo says it wants to improve B2B marketers’ personalization capabilities and free them from manual processes with artificial intelligence technology designed to work across multiple areas of the content lifecycle.

The Chicago-based firm this week introduced Aprimo AI, which combines its own proprietary machine learning with Microsoft Cognitive Services from the latter’s Azure set of cloud-based services. The company said Aprimo AI can come into play as content work is assigned, as well as when it is enriched, used and reused.

According to Aprimo CMO Ed Breault, the firm’s AI offering was driven by its customers’ desire to scale to keep up with an ever more complex competitive landscape that’s driven by customer experience. 

“Usually this means asking your teams to do more critical thinking and deliver higher value outputs,” Breault told B2B News Network. “So, Aprimo AI can come in and really take away the kind of work that is repetitive and time consuming to allow teams to get to the innovation.”

Examples include using Aprimo AI to make it easier to find information or content, or letting one team member’s work automatically flow to the next person. Breault likened the technology to a digital assistant for project managers.

“There are some things it just handles better than humans like monitoring patterns, observing and making educated predictions about the future of projects,” he said.

Specifically, a feature called Responsive Resource Optimization will reassign tasks using Aprimo AI provided Suggested Replacements of task-owning resources, Breault

explained. Suggested Replacements takes into account the variables to recommend the best resource for the job considering many factors including workload, availability, skillset and historical human performance in project work.

Aprimo was also designed to give team members self-service capabilities to better repurpose their content, Breault said. One example is auto-cropping of images in order to change something that originally ran on a blog that needs to be repurposed for a Facebook ad. Aprimo AI can help by automatically identifying image focal points and cropping content differently based on the intended channel.

“This process typically requires support from a designer to ensure accuracy and quality, which leads to longer lead times,” he said.

Like many AI offerings, Aprimo said its technology will use machine learning tags to better understand a business’s specific needs and attributes. Breault said Aprimo AI will be able to self-learn from a minimum of five assets, and the self-learning tagging has tested to “extreme accuracy with 50 assets, or more, he added.


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Shane Schick
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