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Email Marketing: An Additional Way to Build Your Brand’s Online Presence


Email marketing is a form of marketing that has gained importance in recent years, as it is still the most cost effective type of digital marketing, generating $43 for every dollar spent. This is surprising to many since social and influencer marketing has become popular.  However, email marketing is very often used successfully to build a brand and a business. 

What’s also interesting is that email marketing, in addition to all possible Facebook and Instagram ads, has become one of those marketing techniques that is used less frequently. On the contrary, proper use of this technique can bring many new clients, if you know how to use it.

The first association with the arrival of an email from a company in your inbox is the notification of a discount or an “incredible offer” that shouldn’t be missed. As tempting as this may be, the reality of the situation is that people will click on the mail and possibly on the link in it but, as time goes on, the clickability will become less frequent.

What’s problematic in this situation isn’t only in people giving up on your brand and leaving the mailing list, but also creating an aversion to the brand. It’s very possible that people will perceive your email as spam and as something not worth reading.

Email Marketing – Product or Value

One of the essential rules of marketing is that the product that’s offered doesn’t stand out in the foreground or, at least, doesn’t stand out so spectacularly and unrealistically that it repels people more than it attracts them. And people don’t buy a product, but its value and that would mean that if the product seems good enough for them, they will somehow find the money to buy it. 

Clients are looking for something that will make their lives easier and solve problems. So, no matter how great it is to offer yourself as an expert in a certain field, your advice and experience will mean more to them, and only then the product you sell.

In this context, running a business on Facebook and Instagram is similar. You publish a post or image that should attract customers and the product comes at the end. This way, the product you’re selling doesn’t seem to be in the foreground. 

For example, if you’re a fitness trainer and have your own web page, website, or even a product that you sell, it would be best to start with some useful tips, for example, on a diet, fluid intake, and many other tips that can make life easier for your clients. Whether you write it in the form of a Facebook post or via email, the reaction of potential clients won’t be related to repulsion, but to interest and motivation.

The essence of email marketing is, therefore, to arouse interest in the target group, and then quite nonchalantly offer your product at the end of the text. People are more likely to respond to these requests via Facebook. However, email marketing is also very important because it somehow forces people to remember the brand and its name and to distinguish it from a bunch of other brands.

Statistically, more people probably see your posts on Facebook than on email, especially if you have the email addresses of a small number of people. The main difference, in this case, is that users when they read your post on Facebook, read a dozen more similar ones, and their attention is weakened so that in the end they forget what they read.

This isn’t the case with email marketing but please note that this is only the case if customers are actually opening and reading your emails. We talked about email marketing all the time, and we didn’t mention how to get email addresses…

How to Get Email Addresses?

The essence of this part of the text is to introduce you to some of the ways to collect email addresses. Obtaining addresses from potential users can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Some companies collect data by simply leaving a form in the corner of their website where users should provide their email addresses and names. Of course, all this is on a voluntary basis and nothing is required from the user.

Email Address Form

It’s a very bad move for this form to pop up in the middle of the screen, especially while people read some text because what mostly happens is that the user turns off that form and doesn’t leave an address.

The advice is, therefore, if you’re already deciding on this method, to leave the form at the very bottom of the page. The second method is free content because everyone loves it.

Bear in mind that asking users to leave an email requires a stable web page where the address form is placed. It would be a disaster if a user chooses to fill the form, clicks on a “submit” button and the web page crashes. Even a mere one-second page load delay impacts so many things: SEO rankings above all but also your bounce rate and even conversion rate. 

Opting for quality hosting such, you’ll no more have to worry about any of this. Given that we focused in this article on the importance of email marketing, in addition to a good web host, you’d need to opt for a good email hosting provider – a provider who’s specialized in the storage of email data.

But before all that, bear in mind one more thing. An inspirational design of your web page should be followed by the same kind of design for email marketing campaigns. To gain attention and increase click-through, as a brand you should turn to creative design and new creative solutions in regard to this segment of doing online business.

Free Content

For example, one of the users in the search engine types terms related to proper nutrition or healthy food. If your website offers something they need, after visiting your website, you can simply offer them some free schema, book, or some other type of content that will interest them enough to leave you an email address.

The disadvantage of this method is that people are usually guided by free content, leave an email address, and never return to that website or they came just for the content. We aren’t saying this isn’t a good method, but you should think about all the pros and cons before using some of them.

Special Pages for Collecting Emails

The third method is to create special pages on the website that won’t have additional links in them, but only text or video intended exclusively for that topic and users who want to leave mail. Depending on the type of social network, you can send users from different platforms to this page, and thus monitor the movement and behavior of users while they leave an email.

Once you have collected the emails you can start building a closer relationship with your potential customers in the way we’ve explained to you in the article. And do that without highlighting the product in the foreground, but with a lot of practical examples and through building interaction with users.

Again, to engage in email marketing you should examine your target audience, their interests, and consider what type of content has caused the most reaction from users. The essence of email marketing is building a relationship with customers that over time becomes stronger and more consistent in their minds. Because, maybe not all users will buy your product or service but they will recommend you to their friends, which is a great success in itself.

And, while the reaction on Facebook is faster and involves a larger number of people, it tends to shut down, precisely because of the great competition and a large number of daily posts. Although similar to emails, the way you approach writing emails can significantly set you apart from the competition and create a safer business than Facebook or Instagram advertising.


Finally, we advise you to use MailChimp to collect data and emails, which contains features important for creating campaigns and other benefits that can affect business development, not only through websites and social networks but also via email.


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