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Robot Influencers Are Reshaping the World of Social Media

Last updated on June 16th, 2023 at 06:27 pm

Influencer marketing continues to grow, not only in traditional B2C companies but in B2B as well. Influencer marketing is a lucrative business and this is the reason why so many companies are launching robot influencers to post content on behalf of their clients and earn more money.

Who Are Robot Influencers?

Robot influencers are virtual influencers who look like real influencers. They have a massive following on social media and all their posts are liked and shared by real people. Most of the followers of robot influencers believe them to be real humans. But, in reality, they are bots who can pose like real models and grab eyeballs and attention from their followers.

Robot influencers are gradually replacing human influencers. They have become the future of fashion advertising. Humanoid robots are powered by artificial intelligence and Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) that are making them powerful and intelligent.

Some of the most popular robot influencers that are taking over the world of social media and influencer marketing are:

Shudu – The world’s first digital supermodel with 206k followers.

Lilmiquela – Another successful bot influencer with 2.6m followers.

Bermuda – The robot queen, with 273K followers.

Liam Nikuro – The NBA Washington Wizards‘ official virtual influencer.

Virtual Influencers Are The New Trend in Modern Social Media Marketing

Modern social media marketing is a lot different than the traditional marketing strategies that the brands used to follow. Almost a decade ago, social media marketing was a new phenomenon with Facebook ruling the charts.

A few years ago, influencer marketing was at its infancy and now we have virtual influencers working for some of the major fashion brands in this world.  Virtual influencer marketing agency, the Diigitals, has seven robot influencers under its portfolio:

  • Shudu
  • Dragnny
  • Brenn
  • Koffi
  • Aspen
  • Boyce
  • Galaxia

These virtual fashion models have endorsed some of the top brands in this world like Samsung, S Moda, Phoenix, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and others.

Another popular virtual influencer, Lil Miquela, is created by Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou. The creators were able to secure $125 million in funding led by Spark Capital. More than 80,000 people listen to Lil Miquela’s songs on Spotify every month and she has been used in campaigns in Canada like Dark Cloud.

The Advantages of Working With a Virtual Influencer

Brands find it easy to work with robot influencers. The various advantages of working with a virtual influencer are:

  • Virtual influencers can be easily modified according to the personality of the brand.
  • They can quickly match the taste and preferences of the brand products.
  • Human influencers might have difficulty doing so because every human has a distinct personality that is hard to manipulate.
  • Robot influencers can be customized according to the brand.

In future, we will have brand ambassadors as virtual influencers. Businesses can pay CGI companies to create a virtual influencer just for their brand. Humanoid robots have started to acquire more followers than their human counterparts. This means more engagement and better ROI. A machine does not have to sleep, eat or rest. They can work on a company’s behalf day and night.


AI models are taking over Instagram. We are looking towards a future where every business would be having a virtual influencer of its own. For now, the top brands are winning the race of social media engagement partnering with immensely popular robot influencers. However, this doesn’t mean human influencers have lost all their powers. They still have their own advantages and a full-fledged influencer marketing strategy should comprise both real influencers and robot influencers.


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