How Top SEO Companies Update Their Websites in 2020

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Search engine optimization is not something you do and get over with. It’s an ongoing process that demands daily work and updates. When we look at some of the top SEO websites, which teach you how to perform best practices, we’ll see that they also update their sites on a regular basis. Every website owner, webmaster, or site manager should learn from their example.

You always aim for more revenue, email subscribers, sign-ups, sales, and website traffic. You can’t achieve all those goals if you keep the same content and continue with the same-old SEO practices. We’re happy to share the main tactics top SEO companies took to update their websites throughout 2020.

They Revive Old Content to Boost Rankings
Sitechecker conducted interesting research regarding the changes that top SEO blogs and agencies made to their websites. The case study involved the top 100 websites in the SEO category. The results show that over the period of one month, the top 10 websites added 823 new pages on average.

You can get details from this research study through this infographic:


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But adding new content is not the only focus that SEO leaders have. The potential to drive traffic from your old content is just as important. Some of the posts you’ve published contain outdated information. New practices have taken place, and some of the ones you recommended may be irrelevant at this point. Writing evergreen SEO blog posts is not easy, since the trends continuously change.

By updating website content, you can make it new again. You’ll add fresh details, make SEO updates, improve the style, and attract new readers towards it. This is easier than writing articles from scratch.

Top SEO Companies Keep Identifying New Keywords
When you add articles or refresh content that’s already there, you should focus on adding relevant keywords. Position them in strategic places: the title, subheadings, and the introductory paragraph.
The most important thing is to introduce keywords that are current and competitive. You can use a Google rank checker tool to develop a strategy that would yield results.

The good-old rules on using keywords remain relevant:

  • Use them only in context.
  • Do not include grammatically incorrect phrases; they look unnatural in the content, and your readers will see through your intentions.
  • Use them sparingly. Keyword stuffing will negatively affect your rankings.

Updating Visuals Is Essential
When SEO leaders update content on their sites, they don’t focus solely on text. Those old posts are already getting some traffic, and changing the text will slightly improve it. But adding new screenshots or relevant YouTube videos to the posts will make a bigger difference.

If you use Feedly, a content-discovery system that’s listed as one of the best content marketing tools, you’ll see that the most popular articles are on-point with their visuals. Many have a video version of their high-traffic posts. That’s a great idea on how to update evergreen content: add videos that compress the text into a more digestible format.

Outbound Link Evaluation Is a Consistent Practice
Throughout the years, you may have been guilty of excessive outbound linking. Maybe you used to accept guest posts with bad links towards untrustworthy websites. Maybe you directed your readers to irrelevant research or shady websites. All those practices are bad for the outcome of your SEO strategy. It’s time to update them.

Outbound links should be used strategically, only when they provide useful and resourceful information for the reader. They must direct to trustworthy and authoritative websites.

Use an analytics tool to identify all outbound links, get rid of the bad and add more relevant ones.

Even the Top SEO Sites Do Additional Outreach
When done properly, link building is still an effective SEO practice. When you outreach, you have to consider high-authority resources. That won’t be easy, since they request top-notch content based on extensive research and characterized with utmost uniqueness. When introducing your links into it, they have to be extremely relevant.

Link building is not just about dropping your links all over the web. It’s about placing them in the right places, where they can truly reach your target audience.

Keep reaching out to authority websites that accept guest posts. Make those posts amazing, and you’ll eventually see results in your rankings.

Driving Social Traffic to Posts Is Still Important
Promotion, promotion, promotion! That’s a crucial strategy for driving traffic to your posts. Since more traffic improves your rankings, social media promotion indirectly affects the outcome of your SEO strategy.

Most authoritative SEO sites update old content and produce new content. But none of those practices would be as effective without proper promotion. Don’t be afraid to post links on your social media pages, inviting your target audience to check them out. These practices will lead to Instagram growth, and they will make your brand more popular across other channels.

To boost social traffic, you can also reach out to influencers. If your content is useful for their target audience, they can share it through their Instagram stories. They get something great to post about, and you attract their followers on your website. To convince influencers to share more easily, you can mention them when updating old or writing new content for your site. And if you can afford to spend some money, you can develop paid partnerships with several influencers to promote your pages.

Let’s Wrap It Up
Remember: SEO demands continuous work. No matter how effective your strategy was in the past, it means nothing if you don’t keep it up. After updating your website, keep checking its rankings so you’ll observe the effect of different strategies.

If top SEO websites keep working on their strategies, you can learn from their practices. Their webmasters develop long-term strategies, which stay flexible for new additions. The updates, new additions, and enhanced promotion remain consistent.


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