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B2B News: Mergers and Acquisitions Report for December 4, 2020

Google has acquired Actifio. Actifio is a developer of data backup and disaster recovery (DR). Virtual copies of data in their original format can be managed scenarios like development and testing. The purchase is a demonstration of Google Cloud’s plan to assist enterprises in protecting workloads both on-premises and in the cloud.

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Actifio-Google press release:

FedEx will acquire the e-commerce platform ShopRunner by the end of 2020. The e-commerce platform will use FedEx’s logistics systems to operate as a subsidiary of FedEx Services. The organization was structured by FedEx to integrate the technology and services to generate solutions for global supply chains and e-commerce.

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ShopRunner press release:

Canadian security services firm Gardaworld wants to buy out the UK-based G4S. GardaWorld has upped its offer for the takeover of G4S by 24%. The initial offer, made at the end of September, offered G4S shareholders a price of 190 pence per share. That has now been increased to 235p per share raising the total value of the deal to 3.7 billion GBP, equivalent to $6.4 billion in Canadian funds.

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GardaWorld investor relations release:

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