Study: Basic Income program would create 600,000 jobs in Canada

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A report shows #BasicIncome can speed up Canada’s recovery & grow the economy sustainably. The report, which will be presented during a webinar on Saturday December 12, outlines the following anticipated results from a national basic income program: 


$80B/yr in GDP


600K jobs


$15B/yr business investments to expand/hire


$32B/yr in total wages


3.2M families out of poverty

The study, by the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis (CANCEA) provides a first ever look at the impacts of a national Basic Income. The report shows how poverty can be ended, while growing a trickle-up economy in a sustainable way.

The report projects UBI would

  • Lift 3.2 million families out of poverty, ending poverty;
  • Give a raise to a majority of Canadians by increasing disposable income; and
  • Help children, single-parent families, and the most precarious people in Canadian society

All while creating jobs, supporting Canadian businesses, and accelerating Canada’s economic recovery by years.

The report goes into the impact of UBI on wages, employment, poverty and inequality, government revenues, as well as corporate revenues and profits by industry. Read the full report here.

Join the national Zoom livestream launch event on Sat Dec 12, 1 PM ET: Sign Up on Eventbrite



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