Markham-Based ISP CIK Telecom Is Building Fibre Internet Infrastructure In Canada

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CIK Telecom Laying Out Fibre Infrastructure With A Multi-Million Dollar Investment In Markham Area While Waiting For CRTC’s Final Ruling


CIK Telecom, one of the largest independent internet service providers in Canada, announced today that they would provide up to 10Gbps fibre internet in the Markham area starting from October 1st, 2021. CIK has planned to invest up to $300 million in developing fibre optic infrastructure in the Markham area; while anticipating that the CRTC will lower the wholesale rates and expecting the incumbents to refund the overcharges retroactively to third-party internet providers dated back from April 2016 until today. The goal of the project is to expand fibre internet infrastructure and help improve the internet quality in the York Region.

CIK Fibre uses the latest fibre optic technology, which is the fastest and the most stable form of internet. Currently, CIK has been providing 1Gbps fibre internet to over 40,000 condo units in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. With the infrastructure being built in Markham, CIK customers in Markham will be able to use the fastest internet speeds up to 10Gbps with affordable prices and unlimited usage. The project has commenced, and it is expected that by the end of the first phase, over thousands of residents in Markham will be able to enjoy the fastest internet through CIK’s fibre network, at its earliest from August 1st, 2021.

Jordan Deng, CEO of CIK Telecom, said, “The current internet wholesale rates in Canada are way too expensive and unreasonable, which makes it very hard for third party internet providers to be able to compete fairly and provide affordable internet plans to Canadians. We often have to sell without profits to attract customers, which leaves us with no money to invest in upgrading or building future infrastructure. We need more support from the CRTC.”

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