How To Keep Your Business Relevant in 2021

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Ensuring You Have an Online Presence  

With many businesses having to adapt to working from home in 2020 and 2021, the need for online marketing services is more important than ever before. To keep your business relevant you want to ensure you make a profit by maximising your potential and utilizing the resources of the internet to your advantage. 

There are more people scrolling through the internet now, particularly through social media, when they have time on their hands. So being able to reach out to your target audience is key if you want to ensure you are making a profit. The use of the internet has certainly become a prominent part of our daily lives now. The majority of people use it for business needs and for personal use and are very much reliant on it to navigate through the trials and tribulations of daily life. 

The Social Media World 

It is not just important to have a website in 2021 but it is how you draw in online traffic to your business that is also important. You should maximise your online presence by advertising through social media websites like Facebook. At least 9 million advertisers utilize Facebook to promote their brands.The benefit of advertising through this platform is that you can reach a significant number of people and it will enable you to reach your target demographic, which is something that printed posters or features in a glossy magazine do not necessarily achieve. 




Advertising Through Social Media

The pandemic has also increased the number of people visiting the social media website more frequently. From March 2020 onwards 63% of American users were inclined to use Facebook more, due to spending more time at home. This is most likely to keep in contact with loved ones, but it can also be useful to keep up to date with the latest news too. According to Statista there are at least 221.6 million users in the US that log into Facebook, which is set to reach at least 223.2 million by 2023, so it is certainly a good opportunity to try and target your business to such a large number of potential consumers. 

It has become commonplace for various businesses to pay the social media company a fee for being able to advertise. You can see why when images make up at least 75-90% of advertising on Facebook. When a user logs into their account on a daily basis, they are going to be scrolling through various advertising campaigns, which is where you want to be appearing so that they can then be redirected to your website. 

Utilizing Graphs To Keep Track of Business Growth 

It has become increasingly popular to utilize graphs to keep up to date with how your business is developing and expanding. Visual graphs are able to present important data in a more precise and memorable manner. It is far easier to look at changing trends or numbers on a graph than it is to scroll through pages and pages of documents. 


There are various companies where you can outsource to create a flow chart or graph, so that you can analyse your business growth. A Whatagraph template enables you to keep on top of your business growth by creating graphs so you can track various aspects, such as sales reports or profit, to analyze the data more closely. 

You can create graphs for the following using a ready made template. 

  • Custom Branding
  • Real-Time Team Collaboration
  • Cross Channel Reporting


There would be an abundance of templates to choose from based on your business needs, so the relevant companies would be able to provide necessary advice to realize your vision. 

Outsourcing to Third Parties 

Outsourcing a particular area of your business is a great way to bring on board the expertise of someone in that field, and in the long run will save you money as you will be able to focus your attention elsewhere and continue to keep your business moving to make profits. Almost 54% of all companies use third-party support teams to connect with customers, while 46% say outsourcing lets them access skill sets that aren’t available in-house. You are certainly likely to outsource an aspect which is not your speciality and where someone who is talented in this area can get the job completed for you efficiently. So why would you not want to outsource.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic 52% of small business owners said they would still be happy to outsource, despite the effects of the pandemic in the business world. The latest figures regarding outsourcing demonstrate how a third of businesses do not mind having to increase their operating costs as long as they are able to gain access to cloud storage in exchange. 


Cloud Based Storage

The use of cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular too in the business world. At least 93% of businesses are reported to be using this or thinking of doing so to improve their outsourcing services. Cloud storage is where you store any data remotely on a server and are able to access it through connecting to the internet. It is essentially kept in a virtual ‘cloud’ which is where the name originates from. This data is then managed by a cloud storage provider. 

Consequently it enables your business to save relevant data but also to focus your efforts elsewhere. Once you know that your important files are all stored away securely you can continue with other aspects of your business that you are more skilled in. It is likely to grow in popularity even more over the next few years. Currently there are at least 65% of businesses that utilize cloud storage globally. In the US this is estimated to be around 93%, primarily with small businesses, so there is certainly an upward trend which is important to keep up to date with. 



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