B2B News for Monday, February 22, 2021

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Mark Messier leads the Monday charge into the news cycle. The six-time Stanley Cup champion has joined NXT Water, the makers of Akeso CBD water as an equity partner and “brand captain.” Wearing the C on the beverage maker’s jersey means the hockey legend will work with the Akeso team on branding, advertising and marketing campaigns, social and digital content and other initiatives. Akeso integrates 10mg of broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and electrolytes into bottled water.

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nhl-legend-mark-messier-joins-nxt-water-as-equity-partner-and-brand-captain-for-akeso-hemp-powered-hydration-301231821.html

Having completed the Canadian portion of today’s headline summary, we can move onto international news.

Mergers and acquisitions are governed by strict laws to prevent monopolies and ensure fair competition in the marketplace. Facebook and its subsidiaries have faced legal pushback and the drama does not stop there.

Companies may find it more difficult to hide their efforts to corner the market by relying on laws in other jurisdictions. Last week the Federal Trade Commission released a report on the benefits of international cooperation with other competition and consumer protection bureaus.

“International cooperation on enforcement can strengthen all the agencies involved, so we must continue to prioritize the importance of working hand-in-hand with our counterparts across the globe,” said Acting FTC Chair Rebecca Kelly Slaughter.

The report follows a number of complaints seeking the FTC to intervene in merger processes.

Press release: https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2021/02/ftc-report-cites-benefits-international-cooperation-antitrust

Researchers at the University of South Australia have a message for business leaders: Stay humble. Dr, Chad Chiu, the lead researcher of a new paper from the university’s Centre for Workplace Excellence, says executive humility is key to building strong teams.

“Most people understand the benefit of working in a ‘good’ team – the people get along, they communicate well, and they acknowledge each other’s skills and contribution ­– but not all interactions among members are so positive, and good leaders need to be able to navigate these,” Chiu said. “Our research shows that one strategy for leaders to simultaneously enhance goodwill and trust while reducing any negative relationships in their teams, is to express their humility.”

Press release: https://www.newswise.com/articles/humble-pie-soul-food-for-the-best-leaders

Please note that Monday morning’s B2B news summary concluded modestly to respect new wisdom from Australia.

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Kate Baggott

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