5 Ways to Stay Safe When Returning to Work During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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2020 was a time of hardship for most of the world with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The lockdowns that resulted made it hard for everyone to not only go out in public without being afraid but were made even worse when most people were laid off from their jobs indefinitely. Now that the lockdowns have been lifted in most states, people are heading back to work, but many are still indecisive and afraid, as there is still no end to the COVID-19 virus in sight. 

So, how do you stay safe when returning to work in the middle of the pandemic? Read on below for a few ways to stay safe to help you cope.

Determine What Protections Your Employer Has Set in Place

Find out what protections your employer has set into action before you scheduled to report for your first day back at work. For example, you need to know if he has social distancing rules in place, what the cleaning protocols are going to be for the office, and whether masks will be provided. These are protections that your employer is supposed to have set in place for you. 

Avoid Riding to Work With Others/Check into the Safety of Public Transport

The days when all anyone had to worry about was an employee background check and how often they got coffee breaks are gone. Now, you need to worry about the safety of public transportation to work and avoid riding to work with others. The days of the carpool are behind employees until the virus is under control. Riding into work together puts the entire car full of people at risk. So, if you carpooled before the pandemic, it’s best to not do it anymore for the foreseeable future. 

Stay Off Crowded Elevators

The CDC has put forth a set of guidelines to keep people safe during the pandemic. One of those tips is to avoid crowded elevators and to instead take the stairs when you can. The confined space of an elevator makes it super easy to spread the germs of the virus from one person to the other. Besides, taking the stairs is better for your health anyway, especially if you’re looking to lose a few pounds. It’s a good workout and can help prevent you from contracting the virus and taking it home to your family at the same time. 

Clean and Sanitize Your Workspace Constantly

Make sure you have your own stash of hand sanitizer and disinfectants at your desk. Make sure that you clean your desk regularly throughout the day, and use the hand sanitizer any time you’re away from your desk and come back to it. It’s also best to try to avoid touching door handles, elevator buttons, light switches, and faucets that can easily be full of germs. If you must touch them, make sure to wash your hands and use your hand sanitizer as soon as you return to your desk to keep the germs at bay. 

Wash Clothes and Masks Every Day

While it may be tempting to keep your masks in the car and put your clothes in the laundry basket for washing on Saturdays, it’s best to wash your clothes and masks every day, as soon as you walk in the door. 

These are just a few tips for being careful when you’re going back to work due to COVID-19. The vaccine isn’t 100% yet, but you have to get back to work, so these tips will help you stay healthy while you do just that. 


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