B2B News for 17 March 2021: Banishing Snakes with St. Patrick, How Working from Home Hurts and Canadian Business Optimism

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No law requires me to work a shamrock or a snake into this lede sentence. Traditionally, people who survive the Ides of March have attributed their bad ideas to St. Patrick’s Day as it is celebrated in North America. The cultural phenomenon has little to do with B2B transactions, but we all need a thematic hook during an era when the luck of the Irish appears to have failed us.

While they don’t comment on the plethora of recipes for homemade green beer, experts from Cedars-Sinai have weighed in to tell us to watch out for the health risks of remote work. The only trinity they are talking about is one of poor ergonomics at the dining room table, weight gain from working too close to the kitchen and threats to our mental health from working too much in our own homes. On the upside, the experts maintain, there is no doubt that remote work has helped to slow the spread of COVID-19. That fact there is a silver lining, if not a pot of gold.

Press release: https://www.newswise.com/coronavirus/yearofcovid-is-working-from-home-bad-for-your-health/

For those who have been chasing leprechauns, or the equally rare new job during the pandemic, you are not seeing double when the same job posting appears twice over a 4 to 6 month period. According to the results of a new survey conducted by recruiters at Robert Half, it takes from 16 to 26 weeks for hiring managers to realize they have hired the wrong person for the job and then seek out more appropriate candidates.

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hiring-mistakes-come-at-a-higher-price-amid-pandemic-301248107.html

The lucky charms are strong with Canadian business leaders. On Monday Scotiabank released its 2021 Canadian Business Outlook Report. The bank’s research reports that eight in 10 business leaders are feeling optimistic about the future. Slightly more than half (53%) anticipate that their business will change for the better as the economy re-opens post-pandemic.

Press release: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/canadian-business-owners-optimistic-about-post-pandemic-recovery-scotiabank-report-finds-860507102.html

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