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What to Expect from Interviewing during the Pandemic


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, so many people have lost their jobs and are looking for work. It is especially difficult to look for a new job during this time. You may interview on Zoom, but if you do have an interview in person you will probably wear a mask and physically distance from the employees. There are a lot of different factors that come into interviewing for a job during the pandemic, here are a few things to expect.

Zoom vs. Masks

It depends on the employer, but your interview may take place on Zoom. If that is the case, dress well to make a good first impression. You should iron your clothes and wear accessories that make you stand out. A nice watch is a good option. It is also vital to be in the conference room on time. When you’re doing an interview on the internet, the little things matter. Pay attention to the details. You should speak clearly and look into the camera while speaking.

If you’re going to an in-person interview, you should be sure to wear a mask and ask if you should shake hands. Some employers might get offended if you don’t shake hands, but others won’t want to shake due to the virus. Bring hand sanitizer if it makes you feel comfortable and offer it to them after you shake their hand if you use it. You can also ask management how you should conduct yourself.

Multiple Interviews

You may be subject to multiple interviews. Some companies will ask you some questions on Zoom first and then ask you to come into the office for an in-person interview. You should be prepared to do multiple interviews, especially during the pandemic. A lot of companies are doing a quick interview on a conference call then inviting you into the office for a full interview. Keep in mind that it is a possibility you will have to do more than one interview. The process might be longer due to the obstacles.

Pandemic Lines of Questioning

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the lines of questioning during the interview process have changed. Some questions that may come up will include how you are doing both physically and mentally. Management may ask vague questions like “how are you feeling?” The tone may be about how the pandemic is affecting you or if you’ve been sick. Another question would be about your work-life balance during this time. Are you self-motivated? How do you work on your own? They may ask you about Slack, Zoom, or another conference software. Be sure to ask your own questions about the company’s standards during the pandemic.

Background Checks

The process will be longer but some things will be made shorter by the pandemic. You may be subject to a fast background check. These quicker background evaluations will include a check on your criminal history, credit and financial situation, education, and more. You should know that background checks are often used to see if the employee is trustworthy and honest. Whether you have something to worry about or not, you will likely be subject to a background check that may or may not delay the process of hiring.

Remote Work

If you go through the interview process and the possible background check, then you will begin work. You should ask the employer whether or not you will be working in the office or remotely once you get the job, which should be one of the first questions you ask if management doesn’t tell you upfront. It is an integral aspect of working during the pandemic. If you aren’t comfortable working in the office, you can set your boundaries and tell employers that. However, it may interfere with your ability to get a job if the company wants you to work in their offices. Other businesses may require that you work remotely.

Things are different during COVID-19 and you should expect the interview process to be different too. Approach interviews in a relaxed, focused, and self-confident way. You are also seeing if the job is right for you. Whether you’re interviewing on Zoom or in-person, you should dress nicely and iron your clothing. You should wear nice shoes if you are in person. Be mindful of people’s boundaries when it comes to the virus. Tread softly but be confident and you’ll be fine. 



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