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2021 Buying Guide: What to Look For In an Office Chair

When buying an office chair, there are definitely factors to look out for to make sure you make the right purchase- a purchase that suits your specific office requirements. Experts recommend using a comfortable, flexible, and adjustable chair to avoid work injuries from prolonged sitting. A poor-quality office chair would end up hurting your spine, thus causing painful back conditions, neck pain, shoulder aches, and other health conditions.

So, even if a perfect office chair would cost you a few more dollars, it is worth every penny. Nonetheless, you have to be keen when picking one, considering the numerous designs and types of office chairs available out there. In this guide, we shall cover what you need to look for when buying an office.

1. Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics refers to the process of designing workplace products such as chairs, desks, tables, and anything else used in the office to make them fit and safe for human use. They have become even more important in this work-from-home era after Covid-19 broke out. When buying computer chairs, you need to ensure they are ergonomically designed. It should also have a design that caters to different body types where possible. This is to help the user keep fit, safe, and healthy while minimizing any chances of posture-related issues.

An ergonomically designed chair does not only prevent common office problems such as lower back pain but is also comfortable to maximize productivity in the office. Moreover, these chairs are designed to rectify human beings’ limitations such as body size, strength, sensory abilities, vision and hearing, skills, speed, and so forth.

2. Swivel and Wheels

A swivel plays an integral role in an office chair. With a great swivel, you can move around in your office without physically shifting the chair. Also, a 360-degrees swivel helps you multitask, turning and shifting from one task to another while at your workstation. So, in a nutshell, before purchasing that particular office chair, ensure its swivel can comfortably revolve 360 degrees.

3. Consider an Office Chair with a Raised Backrest

Choose an office chair with a high and comfortable backrest. With a high backrest office chair, you don’t have to worry about neck pressure or back pain. The chair should be curved resembling the natural shape of your spine. It should also allow you to recline and also tilt back to remove any kind of strains while you’re seated.

4. Armrests

Armrests are another must-have component of an ideal office chair. With armrests, you can comfortably rest your hands during leisure while in your office. So, if you are working on the computer for long hours, then having some adjustable and comfortable armrests should be a must because you will need to rest your hands after a given period.

5. Quality and Comfortable Seat Material

When buying an office chair ensure the seat material is durable and has sufficient padding design to support your spine. Also, the material should be thick and soft enough to bring down the severity of the chair’s pressure points. This provides you with a comfortable seating experience.

6. Nylon Base and Nylon Rolling

Stability is a vital element for any office chair. With a stable office chair, you can work or even multitask in different postures as you desire. Therefore, if you work for long hours shifting from one office activity to another, then it is imperative to choose an office chair with a strong Nylon base and rolling.

7. Nylon Rolling Casters

Occasionally you will definitely need to drag or pull your office chair here and there while in your office. In that case, it goes a long way to buy an office chair with nylon roller castors. Nylon roller castors prevent your chair from scratching the floor even on dragging. So, if your office floor is delicate, then office chairs with a nylon base are the best option.

8. Warranty

Most elements of an office chair will require upgrading or replacement over some time. That’s why some manufacturers offer some sort of warranty on their office chair products. As a matter of fact, no reliable manufacturer would hesitate to warrant their quality products. So, it is recommendable to purchase your office chairs from a manufacturer that is confident enough to offer you a warrant. Also, take your time and go through the warrant document to understand the terms of the warrant, and don’t forget to ask the salesperson the conditions that would make the warrant void. Some warrants can be confusing.

Buying an office chair with all the suitable features is essential for your safety and health. This is best possible if you know what features to look for, which can be a bit daunting. We hope that this guide for buying an office chair will be greatly helpful.




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