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9 Reasons Supporting A Charity Is Good For Business

As a company, when you get involved in charity work, there are numerous benefits that you’ll enjoy. First, donating is a powerful marketing strategy. This is not only applicable for large-scale businesses but also for developing businesses. There are many ways in which a company can involve itself in charity work. Some of the options include sponsoring youths for a sports program, giving scholarships to needy children, educating the community on health issues, and donating food when there’s a crisis. 

The contacts you make during donation programs could lead to the emergence of new contracts. This is because a company may unveil untapped business opportunities whilst doing some charity work. But how do you determine the right charity to involve yourself in? 

First, do research. Check whether the donation meets the company’s brand and personal values too. To be precise, do enough research to confirm whether the donations will have a big and positive impact at a reduced cost. 

Make sure to thank your donors as well and honor their support for the cause you’ve chosen. Continue reading this article to learn more about how to plan a donor appreciation event.

Meanwhile, here are outstanding reasons to involve your business in charity:


  • Improves Morale


For businesses, being involved in charity or offering financial support to various causes positively affects workplace culture. When an individual feels that they are making positive contributions, their confidence is heightened. Similarly, when workers raise a large amount of money, their achievements should be widely recognized in the company. 

As the business owner, you can engage the employees in fun activities. One of these is volunteering day. This gives them a break from their work and also makes them feel more meaningful. The overall impact of this involvement in charity work is that it makes them happy and boosts their performance.


  • Boosts A Brand


A corporate identity can still be built through charity involvement. This is because your business will have demonstrated that it’s ethical and thoughtful. This can help build the reputation of your brand.  Many young professionals prefer working with companies that give donations. This implies that the industry will attract recent graduates too.


  • Increase Employee’s Retention Rate


When a company gives its workers the chance to donate to a charity, it instills in them a sense of pride. An emotional attachment is also built to the company and team members. Employees feel proud while working for an institution that supports charity. This ultimately increases their chances to stay and work for the company and be loyal too.


  • Gives A Company A Chance to Compete with Highly Reputed Brands


Though many people associate corporate responsibility with big brands, this can be accomplished by startups and small-scale businesses too. When the latter engage in charity work, they become more appealing to graduates. They become distinguished even from the leading brands. 

If a company is hiring, when it states that it’s involved in fundraising activities or gives donations twice yearly, as voted by its workers, this attracts many benefits. For instance, the institution can bolster its benefits package and then hire competent graduates. When a candidate is offered two similar job offers, a graduate will most likely choose your corporation if it has records of charity involvement. This will have helped your brand to compete favorably with large brands.


  • Facilitates Teamwork and Collaboration


Despite their seniority, team, or personality, all employees work towards the achievement of a common goal, which encourages collaboration and inclusiveness across the organization. For better results, a company can give its employees a chance to choose the charities they wish to support. This enables your staff to participate in this type of volunteer work wholeheartedly. During these situations, unity, camaraderie, and teamwork will be enhanced and will later be reflected in the business’s operations. 


  • Widens Business Network


Participating in charity work will expose one’s business to other similar-minded companies, opportunities, and resources. When you participate in a fundraising event, you become a model to other institutions in your sector or area. This will bolster your brand and increase the company’s visibility in the market, community, or industry. 


  • Helping the Community


Charity doesn’t necessarily have to be done nationally. You can focus on your local community. There’re numerous benefits to this. One of these benefits is that the locals can recognize the hard work done by your company to improve their society. As a result, the company’s reputation is raised. This can also help a company to interact with future clients, providing additional opportunities for business growth. 


  • Tax Deductions


A company that involves itself in charity work enjoys tax deduction benefits. Some donations that attract tax deductions include sponsoring events or charities, cash and inventory donations. A company can enjoy a tax deduction of up to 50% of its adjusted gross income for any charitable donation. The tip is, adhere to the stipulated rules to refrain from possible tax complications.


  • Fosters A Good Relationship with the Local Authorities


When a company supports the local community through donations, it’s considered a valuable part of society. These donations help improve living standards. 

For instance, consider a company that sponsors and establishes five boreholes in a community whose biggest problem is water. The borehole will have a lasting effect on people’s lives since it’ll permanently solve a crisis. The organization will have marketed itself since the water tanks will bear the company’s name.

Likewise, the local authorities appreciate companies that give donations to the locals. When there are business opportunities to sell their products, the local authorities engage the companies that have shown concern to people’s interests through donations. The overall effect achieved is that a company becomes more visible and makes more sales.

The power of good relations shouldn’t be underrated. In case of a fire outbreak in a particular company, the people will respond immediately to help. Should the company decide to have fundraising after a crisis, the people will participate wholeheartedly.


The benefits a company enjoys from participating in charity are numerous. To reap these, be sure to engage your employees and encourage them to participate in charity. Begin by supporting the local community, fight for a worthy cause and make a huge impact on individuals’ lives.  This will see your company rise to reputable ranks.  



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