B2B News for Friday, July 2, 2021: Wine Selling, Ransom Ware, New TV Lab at Humber College

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When the news drives you to drink, it’s good to know there are B2B tools to help you get wines to market.

The digital wine marketplace is opening up to more collectors and sellers. The two groups can now bring their wines to online wine auction marketplace WineBid. The company’s addition of regional account managers in the Rockies, the Southeast, New England, the Mid Atlantic, the Midwest and Hong Kong regions, along with expanded regional sales staff, will help sellers maximize the value of their collections and get their wines to market more easily and quickly.

“To take advantage of the massive growth of the digital wine marketplace, wine collectors and sellers want a faster and more convenient path to market for their wines,” stated WineBid CEO Russ Mann. “WineBid has always delivered the fastest and most convenient service from appraisal to auction sale to receipt of proceeds.   With our newly expanded team located across the country, our sellers can move their wines to market in days, which means they also see payment much faster.

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/winebid-doubles-regional-sales-staff-with-the-massive-expansion-of-the-digital-wine-market-301324787.html

The ideal response to a ransom ware attack is to not negotiate the ransom. Instead, the best course of action is to nudge companies using behavioral game theory toward studying tactics like investing in cyber security, refusing to pay ransoms or using human subject experiments to analyze strategic decisions. The approach comes from two University of Texas business professors and a PhD student Kay-Yut Chen, Jingguo Wang and Yan Lang. Their paper in the journal Management Science is titled “Coping with Digital Extortion: An Experimental Study on Benefit Appeals and Normative Appeals.”

“We reason that when companies are hit with ransom ware attacks, even if they pay the ransom, they still must pay for added security,” Chen said.

Ransom ware attacks are a growing threat with attacks hitting an organization every 40 seconds.

“We must convince companies that just because the bad actors come down on the ransom, it doesn’t make it right to pay them–and you’ll probably continue to have problems,” Wang said. “We need to encourage firms to do the right thing in security investing. Recognizing the long-term benefits of this approach could help other companies come to the right decision.”

Press release: https://www.newswise.com/articles/business-professors-study-ideal-responses-to-ransomware-attacks?ta=home

The first ATSC 3.0 Living Lab in Canada is headed for Humber College’s North Campus. The movement comes as a result of a $3 million grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). Humber will contribute $500 000.

The Lab will support applied research opportunities using ATSC 3.0, the next generation internet protocol (IP)-based global television broadcast standard.

“With ATSC 3.0, the way we experience television and receive streamed content including news, sports and emergency alerts or data in our connected vehicles could soon be revolutionized,” said Orest Sushko, Director, B²C Lab, Humber College. “Humber’s new lab is uniquely positioned to develop novel ATSC 3.0 applications that also converge with other global IP data delivery networks including 5G.  Working with a portfolio of partners across multiple industry sectors will enhance the experience for Humber students in pioneering innovation in broadcasting and data casting solutions.”

Press release: https://humber.ca/today/media-releases/humber-awarded-3-million-grant-research-next-generation-broadcast-technology-atsc-30

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